Logitech is a well-known name in the PC speaker market. The company is going to launch new speaker named Logitech G560 which is designed specifically for the gaming. This speaker will be a part of the Logitech G line. The G560 will be having two primary speakers along with a subwoofer. The main feature of the speaker is in the Logitech’s G  Lightsync technology, in which it will be having Logitech version Razer’s colour-syncing Chroma LED lights. The G560 will be having four lighting zones which will allow users to light their entire desk with the colour of light of their choice.

Logitech is working on the software side of the lighting area that the speakers provide. The company is working with the game developers to Lightsync to the popular games. In this sync, the software will automatically detect the colours of the screen and will give the reactive lighting effects to the user without much effort. Logitech is said to be also working on to let users assign specific areas on the screen for colour changes in the speaker.

Logitech also updated the G413 gaming keyboard to a new version called G513. It has upgraded the single colour LED backlights to Lightsync-enabled RGB lighting. It also improved the palm rest with the addition of more comfortable material. The company has now two keyboard switches which make you choose between the Romer-G Tactile which is actual physical feedback while pressing the key and the Romer-G Linear which is smooth and have a less tactile switch.

The new model G560 and G513 will be available for the game lovers from the month of April. The G560 speaker is said to have a price tag of $199.99 while G513 keyboard will be having a price tag of $149.99.