Consequence of Russia's Losses in Ukraine War: Putin Faces a Problem

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This photo, released by state news agency Sputnik via AP, shows Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin. © Image Coalition/dpa/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP | Gabriel Grigorov

Vladimir Putin must accept resistance from his own ranks in the war in Ukraine. Russian organizations are assisting the fugitives and reporting an increase in numbers.

Kyiv/Moscow – “Get Lost” is the name of a Russian initiative to support deserters from the Russian military. “Today we live in a world where the Russian military brings only death and destruction. The best way to help your country is to escape the military.”

According to opposition media Novaya Gazeta And more and more players are doing it: in January 2023, according to “Get Lost,” only 28 men were seeking support, a tenfold increase within a year. In January 2024, 284 soldiers reported to the contact center for deserters.

Organization helps refugees of war in Ukraine: “We receive new inquiries every day”

“Idit Jeslom”, which translates to “walk through the forest”, is the name of another Russian organization that cares for fugitives. Employee Ivan Sulyayev says they have already contacted more than 30,000 men. A quarter of the cases were veterans who were already on the frontline and wanted to escape the action. Others contacted her as soon as they got the call notice. In an interview with the newspaper Geo He said he didn't initially expect the commitment to last so long.

“When we started with seven people, we thought we would do this for a few months and deal with urgent cases. And it was. But every day we get new requests and we cannot stop. These people want nothing to do with Vladimir Putin and nothing to do with war. He is now in Russia. He works from abroad to strengthen the anti-war movement.

Putin's crackdown on those who left Russia – no protection in Germany according to ProAsyl

Ignorance and opposition to the war are increasingly becoming a problem for the Russian military in the Ukraine war, he says. Novaya Gazeta. According to another Russian portal, MediazonaDespite Vladimir Putin's tightening of regulations, exodus increased by 400 percent within a year.

A soldier who left with the help of another organization, Ivan, says he knows many soldiers who are still happy after more than two years on the front lines. But not everyone: “Running from the front is very dangerous. People are fully aware that there are criminal consequences, but that doesn't stop them. Some pretend to be one of the dead or injured,” some even injure themselves to escape.

Refugees from Russia are coming to Armenia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Turkey.

Incidentally, only a part of the fugitives make it to the EU: those who are ahead will be helped to escape to Kazakhstan, Armenia or Kyrgyzstan, says Sulyayev from “Idid Jeslom”. Loud ProAsyl About 250,000 men have fled since the start of the war, mostly to Serbia or Turkey. Some of them, for example, from Kazakhstan, were sent back to Russia. By August 2023, nearly 3,500 men of military age will have applied for asylum in Germany.

Germany was open to accepting those who left Russia during the first year of the war in Ukraine. Daily news Reportedly, apparently not much happened. NGO Pro acyl complained that despite Changes in the decision-making process From 2023 there is still little protection for those who left Russia in Germany. In November 2023, Russian soldiers withdrew from Crimea, wounding their deputy brigade commander. (cat)

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