Microsoft constantly updates its Windows 10 operating system to enhance the user’s experience. Back in June, the company introduced Microsoft emoji 5.0 bonanza which was rolled out to Fall Creators Update. In the latest news, Microsoft has improvised the overall emoji experience along with certain improvements for its Microsoft Edge browser. The latest build 17046 has the unique feature of emoji suggestions while you type on the keyboard. It also features support for more than 150 languages.

Windows 10 emoji demo

To test this feature try out popularly used words such as kiwi, artist, turtle, unicorn and so on. As you type the words, the emoji prediction feature shall show you the most relevant emojis related to the word you are typing. You can also select an emoji of your own choice by using the emoji button if the suggestion does not contain the required emoji. If you want to get the suggestions while you are typing, you need to enable the optional typing feature for the language you prefer. You can also insert more than one emoji at a single go via the use of emoji panel as well as the suggestion one.

The company has also announced the release of a keyboard that would include a fingerprint sensor. The previous versions of Windows 10 lacked the automatic-form filling update for the Microsoft Edge browser which has been encrypted along with the emoji suggestion feature. The details once provided via the Windows 10 shall be synced with all your devices using the Windows 10 operating system. Apart from this, you can also edit or remove the saved data for form filling by using the Advanced Settings option. The new language feature has been updated with new additions such as Tamil 99, Sinhala, Myanmar, and Amharic.

Apart from this, issues like color distortions, ink stroke across the panel, the flickering of the mouse, mini view windows flying off-screen when resized and many others have been fixed in the latest updated version of Windows 10.