Lack of Assistant features in Google's list of Gemini fixes

Gemini is not yet ready to replace Google Assistant on Android. These are user sentiments that have been emerging in recent days, and fortunately Google recognizes this, as well as the “things to fix” in Gemini.

Immediately, Google listed “Google Assistant features and services that are not supported in Gemini” in the support document:

  • Media service providers: Podcasts, news stations, radio, and third-party music providers are not currently supported in Gemini.
  • Routine: Starting a routine in Gemini is not supported. On Android phones, the shortcuts to start routines and routines associated with alarms in the Clock app no ​​longer work.
    • You can still start a series of actions with Google Assistant on home devices, like speakers and smart displays.
  • Reminders: Switch back to Google Assistant to set reminders and tasks.
  • Translator mode: Switch back to Google Assistant to use interpreter mode.

Google Jack Krawczyk On Friday afternoon, “Auxiliary tasks: Calendar, Reminders, and Action Add-ons” were identified as “Things to Fix ASAP.” It looks like extensions will be the way Google adds these capabilities. Google Workspace currently only supports Gmail, Drive, and Docs.

“Android App: Send Conversation Overlay Input” was also on the list and was already fixed. This voice input method on the new overlay panel, which is quite nifty, was basically just speech-to-text that required you to press the send icon to send.

As we noted on Thursday, support for English in other countries – Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Canada – will officially start from Monday onwards alongside Japanese and Korean. The Gemini app will be available in the UK, Switzerland, European Economic Area countries and associated regions “soon”.

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Rounding out the “We're working on it” fix list for the app and Gemini Advanced:

  • Rejection = highest priority
  • Coding: You all want a translator. ack.
  • Preachy Guardrails: Some funny examples, we'll fix them

In terms of positives in Google's eyes, there are:

  • Writing style
  • Creativity to help you find the right words/ideas
  • Speed ​​of responses
  • Do not hit usage limits
  • Online communication
  • Pictures in replies
  • Integration with tools (Gmail, Maps)

Meanwhile, Google specifically emphasizes that Gemini Advanced is free for the first two months. It ends up being somewhat of a soft launch for the paid tier.

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