Kremlin ready for Normandy format: Macron wants to show Putin a non-violent path

The Kremlin is ready for the Normandy form
Macron wants to show Putin a non-violent way

The French president could announce a diplomatic coup: despite lengthy opposition, Moscow has now agreed to continue discussing the Ukraine crisis in Normandy format. It is said with confidence that Macron will show Putin a way out of Paris.

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the Ukraine conflict will continue on Wednesday in the form of Normandy. It was reported in the evening from the Elysee Palace in Paris that a meeting of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia was planned at the level of political advisers. In the next few days, French President Emmanuel Macron will propose to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “way out of the crisis” in Ukraine.

The last summit in Normandy format took place in 2019. In the wake of the current massive Russian troop deployment on the Ukrainian border, European calls for renewing these talks have resurfaced. However, critics have questioned the suitability of the design for a lasting solution to the conflict and argue that greater US involvement in negotiations with Russia is necessary. The meeting in Paris, following a marathon of diplomatic talks at various levels on the Ukraine crisis, has so far made no progress.

The EU saw no reason for the warning

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel warned against warnings in the conflict in Ukraine: “You must remain calm and do what is necessary, but avoid a nervous breakdown,” Borel said in the evening after a video conference between EU foreign ministers and the US head of state. Anthony Blingen. In his view, there is no new information justifying the increased fear of an impending attack.

Borel said that unlike the United States, Great Britain and Australia, EU countries have not reduced their diplomatic staff in Ukraine. “We do not need to take such precautionary measures,” Spaniard stressed. The foreign envoy also said that this was not an “expulsion” of the respective embassies in Kiev. Washington, London and Canberra allowed only non-essential workers to leave the country freely.

The group of ministers also discussed sanctions against Moscow in the event of an attack on Ukraine. Russia’s complete exclusion from the international banking system Swift is out of the table, among other things, due to German pressure, the EU ambassador said. On the sidelines of a meeting on the sidelines of the meeting, Union Foreign Minister Anna Lena Bairbach said, “The hard stick is not always the clever sword.” Together with allies such as the United States, the EU should reconsider its financial actions, which will have the greatest impact.

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