Corona Infection: Companies require victims without symptoms to work in key positions

D.In view of the impending disruption in vital infrastructure, the Municipal Enterprises Association (VKU) has put into practice the use of asymptomatic persons in key positions. “Getting help from politicians in times of emergency is as important as eliminating the isolation of the recently increased contacts,” VKU general manager Ingbert Leibniz said at the request. “In particular, for example, the use of asymptomatic victims in key positions should be allowed.”

The association is formed on the basis of recent calls from business associations known as job isolation. The Federation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) announced that “this tool, which allows employees in isolation to continue to work as part of a specialized health concept, has already demonstrated its value in the first and second waves of the epidemic.” In early January.

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8:04 am – More Govt patients in Berlin hospitals

As the number of infections increases, so does the number of Govt 19 patients in Berlin hospitals. In the past seven days, 16.3 out of 100,000 residents have been treated as inpatients, according to the health administration. One week ago 13.1, two weeks ago 4.0. The traffic light associated with the Senate alarm system is red, but it does show a yellow signal when intensive care units are occupied – their stay with corona patients is relatively stable for weeks.

06:24 am – The lockout of the Chinese city of millions of people was lifted a month later

A month later, authorities in Xi’an on Monday lifted the locks for 13 million residents of the central Chinese metropolis. According to the city administration, the status of the old imperial city, which had suffered a good 2000 epidemics since December, was again downgraded to “low risk”. The curfew order has been lifted.

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Problem with vaccine effect

6:05 am – Schulz pledges German aid to poor countries in anti-Corona struggle

Development Minister Svenza Schulz has promised that Germany will provide additional assistance to poor countries in the fight against the corona epidemic. The SPD politician told Reuters that Germany has already provided more than மில்லியன் 500 million to improve the good structural conditions for vaccine production in Africa. One cooperates above all with South Africa, Rwanda, Ghana and Senegal. “I want to expand this support further,” the development minister said. Schulz meets with World Health Organization (WHO) President Tetros Adanom Caprese in Geneva on Monday.

5:15 am – Two-thirds of clinics expect staff shortages when vaccination begins

On average, 89 percent of clinic staff who work directly with patients have been vaccinated against corona at least twice. This is the result of a study conducted by the German Hospital Society (DKG)Editorial Network Germany“There is. According to professional groups, the average vaccination rate in the nursing service of hospitals is 95 percent. However, in intensive care, the rate is only 87 percent.

According to the survey, two-thirds of hospitals (66 per cent) expect restrictions on patient care if unvaccinated staff are not allowed to work from March 16. 34 percent did not expect it. DKG boss Gerald Gaß said the “RND” location showed a “pleasantly high” vaccination rate in clinics. “However, at the same time, it is clear that the obligation to facilitate vaccination still causes problems in patient care.”

4:53 am – SPD aide Kuchadi clarifies about the fourth vaccine

SPD vice-president Thomas Kutsatti expects a clear announcement from the prime ministers’ conference on Monday that a fourth vaccine is not currently needed. “Many citizens are now asking the doctor’s office if a fourth vaccine is needed,” said the opposition leader in the German press agency’s North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. Clarity is needed now. One is well-preserved because it is called the third booster vaccine, which is already shown by the experiences of countries that have been vaccinated for the fourth time. “The priority continues to be to ensure that those who are not fully vaccinated can receive boosters until the third vaccination.”

4:52 am – Poll: One-third to tighten corona measures

Considering the sharp rise in the number of corona infections, one-third of the population (34 percent) in Germany is in favor of tightening measures. According to a study by Yukov, a German press agency, the current restrictions (35 percent) suggest that the current restrictions are appropriate and sufficient to counteract the rapid spread of the Omigron virus variant. However, 24 percent are in favor of easing. Seven percent did not provide any information.

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4:04 am – Nationwide seven-day events reach another high of 840.3

The incidence of the new corona infection in Germany has peaked again. Presented by Robert Koch Company (RKI) Seven day event Monday morning with 840.3 On. The value on Sunday was 806.8 and last week it was 528.2 on Monday. Number New infections Within 24 hours, according to data from health officials on Monday 63.393 – The previous day was 85,440 and last week Monday was 34,145.

RKI also announced on Monday citing data from health officials 28 new deaths Calculated in relation to the corona virus.

According to the company’s latest data, health officials have registered a total of 8,744,840 infections since the outbreak. The total number of corona deaths recorded in Germany now stands at 116,746. The RKI estimates that there are about 7,273,100 survivors of the corona virus outbreak in Germany.

03:44 am – The Minister of Family Affairs should give priority to schools and day care centers for PCR tests

In view of the lack of laboratory capabilities, Union Minister for Family Affairs Anne Spiegel (Greens) called for PCR testing to be a priority for educators and primary school and daycare children. “Academics and daycare and elementary school children should be given priority if fewer PCR tests are available in the future,” Spiegel told Funke Media Group newspapers.

02:49 am Minister Spiegel provides assistance to day care centers and schools

In view of the increasing number of corona infections, Family Minister Anne Spiegel is providing temporary assistance to schools and day care centers, especially in tense staff situations. Nearly 8,000 educators from special federal programs can help care for children in facilities for up to six weeks, Green Party politician Funke told the media group’s newspapers (Monday). For the next few weeks, it is important for schools and day care centers to mobilize all available resources to maintain routine operations. “In this way, we provide more flexibility for day care centers and schools and help reduce staff shortages.”

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12:01 am – Bavaria’s MPs have not yet decided on compulsory vaccination

Most of the members of the Bavarian Pantestock do not yet have a clear idea about the compulsory vaccination. This is the result of a study by the radio station Antenne Bayern. Accordingly, 29 per cent spoke in favor of the general corona vaccine from the age of 18, while 18 per cent were against. The majority – 39 percent – has not yet formed a final opinion and wants to wait for debates in parliament first. 14 percent said they did not respond to the radio station’s request or did not want to comment.

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NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wist

TV Review “On Will”

According to estimates, there are big differences between the parties. Of the 33 politicians who responded from the CSU, 22 spoke in support of the compulsory vaccination (with 22 responses) from the SPD, although they did not yet agree. In AfD, all the MPs who responded were against compulsory vaccination.

11:13 pm – WHO: End of corona epidemic in Europe after Omigron wave “credible”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not put an end to the corona epidemic in Europe after the current Omigron wave. “It is plausible that the region is moving towards the final stages of the epidemic,” Hans Cluj, head of the WHO Europe, told AFP on Sunday. However, at the same time, he warned that further mutations in the corona virus could occur.

As the current omega-3 wave in Europe subsides, Glஜ்ge explained, “People will be immunized globally for weeks and months because they are immune to a vaccine or infection.” In addition, there are seasonal effects, the WHO representative added in the coming spring and summer.

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At the Prime Ministers Conference, there will be a lot of questions about how to deal with Omigran variation.

Prime Ministers Conference

“So, we’re preparing for a quiet period before the return of Covit-19 later this year, but there is no need for the epidemic to come back,” Cluj summed up his expectations.

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