Amazon finally has a Kindle that can beat back the elements – Oasis. And it offers 7-inch of e-ink goodness, which means more screen real estate to accommodate more content.

For those not in the knowing, e-ink display offers the next best reading solution off an electronic device after real paper. Amazon too has been offering the same display on all of its eBook readers till date, with the Paperwhite perhaps being the most well-known of those.

The latest Oasis happens to be the best of them all and offers several incentives over its other stable mates. Those include an on-board storage of 8 GB or 32 GB, as Android Police pointed out. That makes for a nice bump over the 4 GB of storage that is standard across the Kindle range.

The new Oasis also has a dozen LEDs which are twice that of its nearest rival, the Kindle Voyage. The LEDs together with the adaptive light sensor allows for effortless and stress free reading experience at night.

However, the biggest improvement with the Oasis is of course it’s IPX8 rated waterproof features. In other words, the Oasis will be just fine even when submerged up to 2 meters of fresh water up to an hour. That should allow for enough of underwater reading that anyone would perhaps ever like to go for.

However, so much for all the positives that the Oasis stands for, the device however sports a rather intriguing design. Bezels are nice and slim on all sides save for one where it is super thick. That supposedly is also where you should be holding on the eBook reader while reading and the thick bezels should provide for enough depth to do that.

The thick bezel meanwhile also hides a sharp bump at its rear, something that Amazon describes as an ergonomic handgrip. In reality, that is where the batteries are fitted into. Also, while still on batteries, those last weeks on end, something that is common with all other Kindles, or for that matter, most e-ink based devices.

Another interesting aspect with the Oasis is that the Wi-Fi only as well as the Wi-Fi plus cellular versions of the eBook reader weigh the same at 6.8 oz or 198g. That easily makes it among the lightest 7-inch eBook readers out there though a shade higher than the 6-inch Kindle Voyage that tips the scales at 188g.

Lastly, all of it comes for a price though, which at $249.99 makes the Kindle Oasis the costliest of the lot. The nearest that comes to it is the Kindle Voyage that sports a sticker price of $199.99.

So if you are looking for an eBook reader that you can carry to the pool side or right into it as well, and can live with the weird design, the Kindle Oasis can be a great choice.