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Kanye West – Next scandalous interview: “I like Hitler” | Entertainment


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He is one of America’s biggest music stars. But now the scandal rapper has sunk Kanye West (45) Ever deeper.

West followed up his latest anti-Semitic attack with another rant. In an interview with the conspiracy theorist portal, he said, “I don’t like the word ‘evil’ in relation to the Nazis. I love the Jewish people, but I also love the Nazis.

Then the rapper, masked by a black mask, added: “I see good sides in Hitler too. (…) I like Hitler.”

A scandalous rapper without a mask (Archive)

Photo: Ashley Landis/dpa

West, who now calls himself Ye, claimed that Hitler invented the autobahn and the microphone. But the truth is: Germany’s later chancellor Konrad Adenauer (CDU) built the first autobahn in 1932 – between Cologne and Bonn. At the time he was Lord Mayor of Cologne. The Nazis then downgraded the Autobahn to a country road to build their propaganda narrative.

The invention of the microphone has nothing to do with the mass murderer Hitler.

His album should also be called Hitler

In recent weeks, Yeh, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has repeatedly been hit by anti-Semitic statements. The musician wrote on social networks that he wanted to “bring death to the Jewish people.”

He also raved about the power of the Jewish-controlled media. Crazy conspiracy theory! He is also a target of the “Jewish underground media mafia”.

A month ago, CNN revealed that the musician originally wanted to name his 2018 album Ye, Hitler. An executive who worked for him said Yeh was “obsessed” with the Nazi dictator.

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Even die-hard fans turned away from the rapper as a result. More people around him are moving away, including ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 42, and longtime friend Justin Bieber, 28.

He seeks recognition elsewhere. Former US President Donald Trump (76) called him recently dinner A. Also present was right-wing extremist Nick Fuentes, 24.

This prompted Trump to be criticized by his former Vice President Mike Pence, 63. He told NewsNation: “President Trump was wrong to give a seat at the table to a white nationalist, anti-Semitic and Holocaust denier, and I think he should apologize for that.”

After the meeting, Trump said he did not know Fuentes. Trump wrote of West on the “Truth Social” network he co-founded: “Anyway, we got along well and he didn’t express anti-Semitism.”

What would Trump say about Kanye West’s admiration for Hitler?

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