Russian forces were mobilized due to the invasion of Ukraine

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Ukraine continues to wreak havoc on Russia. Russian troops seem to be retreating further from the occupied territory. Message Ticker.

  • Troop Movement: Considering the Ukrainian offensive, Russia is shifting its forces.
  • Losses to Russia: Moscow loses more players
  • Editor’s note: Read the latest developments Ukraine conflict On our news ticker. Information is processed here Ukraine war Some came from warring parties Russia And this Ukraine. Therefore, they cannot be independently verified in part.

Update as of Friday, December 2, 6:20 am: Russian military movements in Zaporizhia Oblast suggest the country has been unable to secure key areas amid escalating Ukrainian attacks. ISW, the Institute for the Study of War, reported this.

Russia may withdraw troops from the frontline in Zaporizhia Oblast to reduce the impact of Ukrainian attacks.

Ukraine War News: Russia’s Losses – Drone Videos Show Ukraine Attack

+++ 10 PM: Russian troops suffered heavy casualties around Bagmut in eastern Donetsk region. CNN reported. Videos of Ukrainian military drones show attacks on Russian positions and bodies of Russian soldiers. According to Ukrainian sources, 155 mm howitzers and mortars will be used for the attack. Heavy fighting has been going on between the Ukrainian and Russian forces in the region for months. as CNN It announced that Russian soldiers had been remobilized, but less experienced units had been sent to the front.

A derelict Russian tank can be seen in a recently liberated village on the outskirts of Kherson.
According to ISW reports, Russia has repeatedly faced equipment bottlenecks and difficulties in supplying mobilized troops. (icon image) © Bernard Armangu/tba

Losses to Russia: Russian soldiers withdrew from Zaporizhia

+++ 7.38 pm: Russian soldiers are withdrawing from many areas in the occupied part of Zaporizhia. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the soldiers are leaving Mykhailivka and Insenern settlements, as well as the city of Polohi. “According to information received, the Russian occupation forces are withdrawing some units and preparing to withdraw,” the civil servants said on Facebook. Also, more than 15 different types of military equipment and ammunition depots were destroyed.

+++ 4.25 pm: Russia continues to suffer losses in the war in Ukraine. Thus, Kiev was able to destroy one tank and five armored fighting vehicles.

Despite the losses, Russia still has reserves

+++ 1.40 pm: Despite all the losses in the war in Ukraine, Russia has plenty of reserves to bolster its fighting forces in the north of occupied Crimea. “The city of Dzhankoy and its surroundings have become the largest military base in Crimea since the Russian occupation forces transferred weapons and military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces,” Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksii Hromov said during a briefing on Thursday.

Ukraine war news: Russia’s losses are piling up

+++ 11.30 am: Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine are getting worse by the week. Over 6,000 Russian soldiers have died in the war in the last two weeks alone. According to Ukrainian estimates, the number of soldiers killed since the invasion began on February 24 now exceeds 89,000 (see update from 8.45am). The Russian army suffered significant artillery and vehicle losses during this period. From November 16 to November 30, Russia lost 43 tanks, 75 armored fighting vehicles and 69 cars and other vehicles.

Ukraine War News: Radio Technicians Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

+++ 10.35 am: During the nine months of the Ukraine War, Ukraine’s air force radio technicians detected more than 240,000 enemy targets, saving hundreds of thousands of lives by their own reports.

“During the nine months of the full-scale war, Luftwaffe radio engineering forces detected more than 240,000 enemy air targets. About 80 percent of them were destroyed by our guns. It saved hundreds of thousands of lives, it protected infrastructure. This is an indicator of the high efficiency of our soldiers,” said the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Valery Zaluzny wrote in Telegram.The information cannot be independently verified.

News Ukraine war: Russia loses more soldiers

+++ 8.45 am: On Wednesday (November 30), the Russian army lost another 560 soldiers. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Thursday morning (December 1).

(Until Thursday, December 1)

  • Players: 89,440 (+560 on previous day)
  • Flights: 280
  • Helicopter: 261
  • Puncture: 2915 (+1)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5877 (+5)
  • Artillery System: 1904 (+2)
  • Air Defense Systems: 210
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher: 395
  • Cars and other vehicles: 4441 (+12)
  • Ships: 16
  • Unmanned Combat Drones: 1562

Information about Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine comes from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. They cannot be independently verified. The Kremlin gives very little information about its own losses.

Ukraine war: Ukraine attacks Russian anti-aircraft systems – and hits “vital object”

Update from 7 am on Thursday, December 1: On Wednesday (November 30), Ukrainian military aircraft and missile units carried out a total of 17 attacks on Russian soldiers, their weapons and military equipment. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook. Among other things, two Russian air defense systems and “a critical object” were hit. This information cannot be independently verified.

Russian Losses in Ukraine War: Wagner Group Recruits Prisoners

+++ 7.05 pm: Wagner Group of Russia Currently releasing men detained in the Central African RepublicPeople in prison for crimes like murder and rape for using them as mercenaries in the war in Ukraine. It comes from a statement The Daily Beast outside. Wagner’s group had previously used prisoners to fight the Ukrainian army.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group, has visited several times in the past Russian prisons for recruiting war criminals. Since then, the Russians have been accused of recruiting men from prison camps to fight in Ukraine without a legal basis – due to a lack of personnel at the front.

Ukraine War News: Ukraine kills 480 soldiers and shoots down fighter jets

Report from Tuesday, November 29: The Russian military is yet to report any major territorial gains in the Kiev-Ukraine war. On the contrary: the loss of the strategically important port city of Cherson carries even more weight. Every day, more and more soldiers die in the service of Russia.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has now published the latest statistics on the losses of the Russian army. Data shows that hundreds of soldiers continue to lose their lives in combat every day. According to the Ministry of Kiev 480 Russian fighters died in 24 hours. Also, three tanks, two artillery systems and two fighter planes were destroyed.

News on Ukraine war: Russia’s losses are too high

Meanwhile, according to British estimates, Russia has moved away from its basic military and tactical concept – the reason is the serious defeats of the troops of the Kremlin boss. Vladimir Putin. Over the past three months, Russian forces in Ukraine have largely ceased to appear as tactical battalion groups (BTGs), the Ministry of Defense said, citing intelligence findings in London.

Update on the Ukraine War: Russia is grappling with major problems

A high-intensity fight over a wide area would have exposed many flaws in the concept. “The relatively small allocation of infantry to the BTG has often proved insufficient.” In addition, the decentralized distribution of artillery does not allow Russia to use its size advantage with this important weapon. Only a few commanders are allowed to flexibly use the model, London said.

The BTG concept has been a central pillar of Russian military doctrine in recent years. Each tactical unit is equipped with infantry, anti-aircraft, artillery, logistics and reconnaissance units. (with agencies)

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