JU boss Winkel: “Germany has no identity, no self-confidence” | Politics

It’s a ruthless reckoning with German politics – and that’s coming from a German politician.

Johannes Winkel (32, CDU), leader of the Junge Union, warns in BILD that Germany and the West “are facing irreversible social tipping points at a certain point in time”.

Partially responsible for: the careless migration and integration policy of the past few years!

“For Jews, daily life in Israel is safer than in major cities in Germany, France and England, despite the hail of rockets from Hamas. “In Germany, Jewish houses are marked with the Star of David again after 80 years,” says Winkel. “What an unprecedented disgrace to our country.”

Winkel describes the political reaction as “helpless, sometimes naive appeals” that do nothing to counter the “unbridled hatred of Jews in our streets.”

The thought arises that “Germany no longer has any identity, no self-confidence, no determination.” “Tens of thousands of Islamists in Germany know exactly the opposite. Their demonstrations of power are declarations of war. Not just against the Jews, but against democracy and freedom as a whole.

The president of the Jung Union was Johannes Winckel

Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

“Fight not only in Sunday sermons, but also in the streets”

Winkel calls out those responsible for declaring war on Muslims.

Where are the politicians who have the power to lead the fight against the enemies of this constitution not only in Sunday speeches but also in the streets? “Courageous: Are we seriously eroding parallel societies in our cities, as Denmark is doing so successfully?” asks the Jung union boss.

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It is especially poignant that these developments are predictable. “The worst thing about the pictures from Berlin, London and Paris is that only people who are completely blind to life can be surprised,” says Winkel. “It’s time for German and Western politics to wake up.”

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