Jeremy Renner does ‘whatever it takes’ in recovery efforts after snowplow accident – Deadline

Jeremy Renner continues to recover from the injuries he sustained in the aftermath of a snowfall. the hook The star showed off what he’s been doing on his way to recovery almost two months after the horrific accident.

“What it takes,” Renner shared on his Instagram Stories while pedaling around on an exercise bike with only one leg.

In a follow-up post, the Mayor of Kingstown The actor also indicated that he was taking care of his mental health. Publication of the cover of “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nebo.

Renner had previously engaged himself in getting EMS and muscle strength training as part of his recovery process.

Instagram stories @jeremyrenner

Renner was involved in an accident in January while shoveling snow and was airlifted to hospital after suffering “blunt force trauma to the chest and bone injuries”. The first reports were that Renner was in a “critical condition” but after the surgery, he reappeared on social media thanking everyone for their thoughts during the difficult process.

“Upon investigation, at this point Mr. Renner was run over by a PistonBully. An eyewitness detailed seeing Mr. Renner entering PistonBully, and not seeing him again until PistonBully came to rest in a mound of snow in front of his driveway,” authorities said, referring to the incident that implicated him. There is Renner.

Other reports by CNN said that Renner was plowing snow to get his nephew’s truck out. At some point during the process, the Marvel actor got out of the snowplow when the truck started skidding. He then realized that Pistenbully was heading towards his nephew and as he tried to divert it he was “pulled under the car through the track and run over him.”

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