Jaybird, a renowned company in the market in the field of wireless ear buds has managed to prove itself in providing an all in one featured ear bud, i.e., ear buds with excellent music quality, better battery life and more comfort. This may prove to be one of the best ear buds people have ever known. By not ending its process in delivering the best products, Jaybird has launched two new wireless headphones. These two products have been announced by the company today.

As per the data, two new products are named as Jaybird RUN and Freedom 2 headphones. The price of the Jaybird Run is $179, and Freedom 2 is $149.

There are many wire free headphones available in the market. But these two wireless headphones still have some appeal amongst people. Its stunning design will keep ear buds stay secure while you are doing some outdoor activity. They will become hardly visible to others. The sound quality of these headphones is also amazing. These light weight and comfortable ear buds are designed mainly for the runners. The Jaybird RUN has been tested by many runners while they were running. The result showed that the ear bud did not come out of the ear even while running. The ear bud can fit in anyone’s ears comfortably.

As per the company, the battery life of the Jaybird RUN is four hours. However, the carrying case will contain an inbuilt battery which will give an extra 8 hours battery backup. It takes around 2 hours to get the ear buds fully charged. By just using its case, the ear bud can be charged via USB cable. This ear bud has sweat resistant capability also.

It has been equipped with latest Bluetooth technology so that one can enjoy amazing sound quality while doing activities. In looks, it is small but still can create loud bass. With these two, Jaybird has also renamed its app Jaybird. Previously it was known as Jaybird My Sound.  By using this app, users can access EQ setting and can also create their own personalized settings.

Providing some more comfort, Jaybird has also collaborated with Siri and Google Assistant. But the features will work as per the smartphone you have. Using the left ear bud, you can ask Google Assistant anything and can send messages and call a friend.  On the right ear bud, you will get the play and pause option. The preorder process for Jaybird RUN will go live from today. One can preorder the device by visiting Jaybird’s official website and Amazon. Currently, people will get two color variants, i.e., jet black with silver accents and white with silver accents. More stock and color variants will be available from the month of October.