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Italy: Now the bride is not talking! Her fiancé said no in front of 200 guests | news


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Your story goes around the world: An Italian banker dumped his fiancée in a lavish wedding ceremony – in front of about 200 guests. Massimo Segre (64) said no. Christina Semandi, 47, who he actually wanted to marry in October, said he cheated on her.

Now the bride has commented on the dramatic moment of the celebration in an interview.

As a reminder, her future husband gave a speech in which he first thanked the guests for coming. Shortly after, he dropped the bombshell: “I’ve always thought that to love someone is to want their well-being. More than your own. So I give Christina the freedom to love—especially a well-known lawyer.

Biggest dream a while ago Wedding! A dead silence prevailed among the guests.

︎ At first she believed it was “a joke,” said Semandi, who was now sitting opposite. “Courier della Sera”.

Bride Not-Bride continues: “For the first few sentences, I even thought it was all staged. But the further I went, the more frightened I became. I stopped listening, I was stunned, shocked.

Fugitive speech in the photo: The man with the horn said a few words to the people at the DJ table. Beside him, his fiancée with a bouquet of flowers in hand

Photo: Private

She thinks he said “I’ll let you go” because it’s “a twisted formula”. They loved each other very much and lived with Seemandi’s daughter, the political consultant said. “He hurt people I love with those words.” Bass described the speech as “extremely violent”.

The non-bride is caught by his basket…

The non-bride is caught by his basket…

Photo: Private

“He’s the best person I know.”

Semanthi no longer understands the world. Indeed, her future husband was “a reserved, good, honest man”. They were together for three years. “He’s the best person I know.” Until the wedding feast, there was a separation! Massimo was not the man she knew there.

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“If there was something wrong, we could have discussed it together,” Seyamandi said. Instead, he preferred to “shoot everything in the air.” She didn’t understand why. In the interview, she did not comment on the important question of whether she really cheated on her fiancé.

Now the abandoned woman is considering whether to file a lawsuit against her ex-partner. After this experience, the pain is very intense.

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