Israel Live Ticker: ++ Israel deploys Arrow 3 missile system for first time ++

I amIsrael’s military says it has killed more suspected terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The army said on Friday that these included those involved in the massacre in Israel. They were killed on Thursday.

On Friday night, Israeli forces also reportedly attacked 19 more terrorists who were allegedly planning to attack them. They also seized or confiscated several weapons such as rocket launchers.

Militant Palestinians fired rockets at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip again on Thursday. A rocket alarm was triggered in the border area of ​​the Gaza Strip.

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A discussion of hatred of Jews

All Improvements in Live Ticker:

11:24 am – Abbas lays down conditions for taking over

The Palestinian Authority is willing to assume government responsibility in the Gaza Strip after the end of the war, subject to certain conditions. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas explains that a comprehensive political settlement that includes the West Bank and East Jerusalem is a prerequisite.

The Autonomous Authority was expelled from the Gaza Strip by Hamas in 2007. Since then, it has governed to a limited extent in the West Bank, which is partially occupied by Israel, and Israel has expanded its settlements despite international criticism.

11:05 am – Protest for Palestinians in Tehran

In Tehran, hundreds of demonstrators followed a call to protest by the Palestinian organization Hamas. On Friday, a crowd gathered in Palestine Square in the city center, state news agency IRNA reported. The agency’s videos showed participants in government-organized protests. They waved the flags of pro-Palestinian and pro-Iranian Hezbollah fighters.

10:36 am – Another charge after making a statement at a banned pro-Palestinian demonstration

The public prosecutor’s office failed in its request to speed up the trial due to statements made at a banned solidarity rally for Palestinians in Munich. The accused reportedly told the cameras that he had approved the attack on Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas in early October. The 27-year-old was charged with condoning the crimes, the state prosecutor’s office said.

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Members of the Polisario militia in the Sahara

After the man’s statement was broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk’s program “Kontrovers,” the Federal Anti-Semitism Commissioner of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice opened an investigation.

According to investigators, the application for expedited procedure was the first in Bavaria for crimes following a Hamas attack on Israel. However, such actions are possible only if it is a simple case with clear evidence. A judge at the Munich District Court did not meet this requirement and therefore rejected the application.

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So the state attorney’s office filed charges against the 27-year-old again on Thursday — this time through normal channels, without the expedited procedure. The Munich district court will now decide again whether to accept the charges, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office said.

9:40 am – UN human rights chief: Israel’s attacks on Gaza are disproportionate

UN Human Rights Commissioner Volker Durk has called on Israel to immediately stop its attacks on populated areas in the Gaza Strip, especially with explosive weapons. “We are deeply concerned that these are disproportionate attacks that violate international humanitarian law, with a predictable high number of civilian casualties and massive destruction of civilian property,” Turk said Friday in Amman, Jordan.

He had earlier spoken out about war crimes on both sides of the conflict after visiting the Rafah border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. He mentioned the terrorist attack on Israel by the terrorist Palestinian organization Hamas on October 7 and Israel’s counter-attacks.

08:28 am – Iran warns against escalating Gaza war

Iran warns against escalation of Gaza war Press TV reported that Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabtullahian told Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani that this was inevitable due to the escalating Israeli “occupation”.

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Israel's air force has struck thousands of targets in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks

7:36 am – Around 1,000 crimes related to Middle East conflict in Berlin

Berlin police have so far recorded 1,199 crimes related to the escalating Middle East conflict, a month after Islamist Hamas’ terror attacks on Israel. Most of these involved damage to property, such as graffiti painted or spray-painted on house walls, and offenses such as resisting police officers during demonstrations. The police reported this to the German Press Agency (as of November 9, 2023).

386 cases of property damage related to Middle East conflicts were counted. In most cases these are graffiti such as pro-Palestinian letters or anti-Israeli slogans. There have also been reports of slogans painted on the ground of playgrounds or stenciled with slogans against the “genocide” against the Palestinians.

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5:09 am – Response to drone strike: Israel strikes targets in Syria

Israel’s military said it struck a target in Syria in retaliation for a drone attack on a school building in the southern Israeli city of Eilat. The army said it had met the group that carried out the attack In X with. “Syria bears full responsibility for any terrorist activity that originates from its territory,” the military says. A school was damaged by a drone on Thursday. It was initially said that the origin of the drone and the overall incident would be investigated. No injuries were reported.

05:00 am – Israel deploys Arrow 3 missile system for the first time

Israel has successfully deployed the new Arrow 3 missile defense system for the first time. The Israeli Defense Ministry said on Thursday evening that it had intercepted a missile fired at Israel in the Red Sea. Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen had earlier announced a rocket attack on Israel. It was initially unclear whether the missile intercepted by the Arrow 3 system was a missile from the Houthi rebels.

“The Arrow missile intercepted a threat that traveled far from the State of Israel,” military spokesman Daniel Hagari said. “We intercepted a surface-to-surface missile launched in our direction.”

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Olaf Scholes Robin Alexander

Along with David Sling and Iron Dome, Arrow forms Israel’s anti-aircraft defense system. Recently, Germany also purchased the Arrow 3 missile defense system developed by Israel and the United States. “Arrow” can destroy enemy missiles at an altitude of more than 100 kilometers, thereby directly striking outside the atmosphere in early space. The Arrow command post houses a missile launcher with radar sensors, four Arrow 3 guided missiles and other peripherals.

3:37 am – Anti-Israel protesters occupy the entrance to the New York Times

Anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian protesters occupy the lobby of the New York Times. Along with this move, activists objected to reporting on the Middle East war, which in their view favored Israel. They called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and accused US President Joe Biden of complicity in “genocide”. Some denied Israel’s right to exist. It is not known at first whether they have been arrested.

Protesters in front of the New York Times building.  Then they entered the lobby

Protesters in front of the New York Times building. Then they entered the lobby


3:00 am – Netanyahu: Israel does not want to occupy Gaza

According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has no intention of ruling or occupying the Gaza Strip. “I think the Israeli military is doing an exceptionally good job,” Netanyahu said on Fox News. “We don’t want to rule the Gaza Strip. We don’t want to occupy him. But we want to give him and us a better future,” added the head of government.

Referring to the fighting, Netanyahu said the Israeli military was “operating in an extraordinary manner (…) against terrorists on the ground and underground”. He confirmed that the army “will continue until we destroy Hamas” and that “nothing will stop us”. Netanyahu again rejected a cease-fire agreement without the release of hostages.

02:48 am – Netanyahu wants to allow civilians to move to safety from the war zone

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to continue allowing civilians to safely escape the war zone in the sealed Gaza Strip. “The fight against Hamas, the terrorists of Hamas, continues, but we want to allow civilians to go safely out of the war zone, for a few hours, a few hours, a few hours, in certain places. That’s what we do,” he told US broadcaster Fox News. Earlier in Washington, National Security Council communications director John Kirby said Israel had agreed to four-hour daily humanitarian breaks in the northern Gaza Strip.

11:20pm – Israel’s Defense Minister: Years of war against Hamas if necessary

According to Defense Minister Jove Gallant, Israel is ready to wage a multi-year war against the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The army will find all those involved in the October 7 massacre in Israel, he said. “It doesn’t matter if it takes a week, a month, a year and maybe even years.”

Middle East Conflict - Galata

Jove Gallant

Credit: dpa/Betty Ilovici

He also spoke out against reconciliation with Hamas and other extremist groups in the Gaza Strip, which he said have harmed and killed Israeli civilians. “We’ll get rid of them all.” The military has begun using new methods to destroy tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Galant has revealed what exactly these will look like.

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