A new vulnerability has been found in the latest iOS 11, which essentially allows anyone to get through the iCloud activation lock even if he enters the wrong passcode during an iPhone’s initial setup screen. The glitch works on any iPhone model as long its running the latest version of iOS.

YouTuber Everything ApplePro has posted a video that exposes this bug in iOS 11. The video shows how easy it is to quickly get rid of the activation lock completely in the latest version of iOS.

The vulnerability allows anyone to bypass the iCloud activation lock and works on any iPhone running the latest iOS 11 which has its two-factor authentication activated. Basically, anyone can bypass the activation lock screen without knowing the original password.

So how does it work? The video explains that you can put any wrong passcode during the initial setup. That said, it doesn’t work immediately so you may need to enter the wrong passcode multiple times in order for this glitch to work.

At times, you might even have to wait for an hour or so for the activation session to expire. After the passcode prompt is back, try repeating the same process to make this glitch work if you weren’t successful in the first attempt. The video suggests that iOS 11 doesn’t successfully register iCloud activation as hackers can enter any passcode  multiple times in a row so as to activate the device in the background.

As already mentioned, the bug works on any iPhone which runs any version of the latest iOS 11. However, we’re not sure if the same bug is also present in the recent beta versions of iOS 11. Apple is apparently aware of the bug, and the company is likely to roll out a fix in the near future.

In other related news, even security researchers at Trend Micro managed to hack iOS 11.1 just a day after it started rolling out. Zero Day Initiative reports that researchers were able to execute a Wi-Fi exploit and also hack the Safari browser in iOS.