A bug present inside in the famous picture sharing platform Instagram has allowed the hackers to scrape email addresses as well as contact informations of millions of user accounts. While the company officials said earlier that hack was only limited to only the verified users of Instagram but later today they revealed that many of the non-verified users were also affected by this hack.

The news spread like fire when the account of famous celebrity Selena Gomez was hacked by the hackers with the help of that bug. Although Instagram has fixed the bug still many account informations and phone numbers are available on the dark web. Hours after the hack was revealed or exposed the hackers cleverly created a searchable database called Doxagram that allowed to users to get the victim’s contact details. The hackers supplied the Daily Beast a list of 1000 accounts that were available to search on Doxagram and they charged users $10 for each search. Almost 50 most- followed accounts were included in the list.

We know that Instagram will never reveal the exact figure of the number of accounts. Out of 700 million active Instagram Accounts, hackers told that they have official information of around 6 million users. Instagram said that the hack did not include any exposure of users’ passwords. On Friday, Doxagram was said to be offline and there was no certainty about its comeback. Instagram did not reveal whether it had requested the hackers to shut down the website or not. Despite the shutdown, contact details of many celebrities were said to be available across the dark web.

Due to the hack, the celebrities as well as many high profile users might push themselves to change their email address and phone numbers or might be both. What happened with Selen Gomez was unfortunate. The hackers posted some nude pics of her ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber by using her account. The problem has given rise to two troubling points. On one side the Instagram users might be at higher risk of being hacked and on the other side, Instagram itself is not able to get exact details of the number of accounts hacked.