Illegal ‘nutcracker’ drinks have risen to $15 across NYC

Talk about a real kick in the thigh.

Alcohol prices are rising across the country, even hitting the illegal market in the Big Apple as The Nutcrackers – An illegal drunken drink sold by park and beach vendors Around NYC – Bottle price goes up to $15.

A summertime favorite since the ’90s — a blend of fruit juice and liquor in a plastic bottle — that seller uses in 8-ounce packages for $5 or 12-ounce jars for $10, Cream Middleton, a Bed-Stuy seller, previously told the newspaper.

But on Sunday, Sidney Pereira, the Hell Gate journalist, She tweeted what she saw The drink is being sold under the radar at 50% off inside Prospect Park.

Naturally, New Yorkers panicked. But some say that mild inflation has swelled for some time now.

“It’s been happening since last summer and it’s bothering me and my daughters” Naomi Rumble tweeted.

Some were also quick to point out how the pessimistic US economy is hitting close to home with nutcracker-to-cocktail prices.

“Everything you need to know about recession health is here,” Written by Vanessa Barra.

However, the affordability of the nutcracker is an issue that has driven the locals crazy for some time. Back in the day, even $10 was astronomical, according to Twitter user Mario Ismailangi.

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“Wow. I remember when these were worth $5,” Spread.

Nutcracker drinks, often sold in city parks and beaches on hot summer days, reached remarkably high prices. Above, two women enjoy cracking a nut when the cost of alcoholic beverages is lower.
Elon Baz

Rest assured, though, that nutcrackers aren’t selling at record highs across town — yet.

They still retail for $10 in Central Park and Washington Heights, per tweet from @cornholio562 And Tweet embed.

single user, AkofenaBK, I didn’t need liquid courage to post What you suspect is the real reason for the high brands in Brooklyn.

“Improved culture, calls for flexible pricing,” she wrote.

Due to pandemic supply shortages, alcohol costs have ballooned nationwide at rates that would leave anyone dazed and drunk.

In January, Corona and Modeno announced that they It is expected to raise prices by 2%. Because of the shortage of glass, breweries nationwide have been forced to increase prices To combat the high cost of aluminum.

Last fall, imported wine around New York City It was heading towards higher prices than usual Because of transportation costs.

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