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Human rights activist reports: Many civilians have been killed in Myanmar


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In Myanmar, the military government is said to have massacred villagers. More than 30 are said to have been killed and burned. Two employees of the “Save the Children” organization are missing.

In Myanmar, human rights activists say the bodies of at least 35 people have been burned. They should have children among them. Kareni, a member of the human rights group, told the DPA news agency that the victims were civilians who wanted to leave their villages because of the fighting. They were arrested and killed by soldiers belonging to the military junta.

Another member of the group, citing locals, said the bodies were cremated by military rulers near the village of Mu Cho in Hebrew township. “We found some cremated bodies with their hands tied behind their backs. Our people were brutally murdered,” said a member of a local protest group. “The public was collectively burned here.”

A villager told the Andhra Pradesh News Agency that he did not see the moment of the murder but found children’s clothes on the cremated bodies. They were not part of any guerrilla force. Independent media in Myanmar have reported the arrest of ten Mo Cho villagers, including children. Four members of a paramilitary force tried to negotiate their release, but were handcuffed and shot in the head.

Support company employee missing

The aid organization “Save the Children” announced that two of its employees were missing. “We have confirmed that your private vehicle was attacked and set on fire,” the group said. Both aides were returning from a humanitarian mission in the region. According to its own reports, the NGO has suspended its work in several regions.

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“Save the Children” said at least 38 people had been killed in the incident. “The military forcibly evicted people from their cars, arrested some, killed some and burned their bodies,” it said. He condemned the attack as a violation of international humanitarian law.

The Myanmar Witness Observatory, which claims to be gathering evidence of human rights abuses in the country, said “on December 24, 35 people, including children and women, were burned to death by the military.”

The military government confirms the conflict

A military junta spokesman said clashes with rebels erupted on Friday after troops tried to block seven “suspicious” cars. The trucks came under fire and several people were killed, a spokesman said without giving any details.

The Myanmar army is said to have killed several villagers in early December after attacking a military convoy. Children are said to have been among the victims on December 7. New fighting broke out in the neighboring state of Cain on Saturday, where thousands of people took refuge in the fighting. Local authorities announced airstrikes and artillery fire on Le Kay Kaw, which is controlled by the Karen rebels.

The country has been mired in chaos and violence since the February coup. The military has overthrown Aung San Suu Kyi, the real head of government, and has ruled with brutality ever since. Protests took place across the country, killing more than 1,300 and arresting more than 10,000. Local armed forces have formed in many parts of the South Asian country to oppose military rule. There have been repeated reports of serious human rights abuses. Media reports from locals and from Myanmar cannot currently be verified independently.

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