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Family father and sons die: Christmas tree fire – Three killed


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Family father and sons die
The Christmas tree caught fire – three people died

Tragedy strikes in Quakertown, USA While a family was sleeping in their home, a fire broke out on a Christmas tree. Any help for the father and his sons would be delayed.

A father and two sons have been killed in a house fire in the US state of Pennsylvania. The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed, but US media have reported that the fire may be rediscovered on the Christmas tree.

A fire broke out in the area of ​​this tree on Saturday night. “We think the Christmas tree is on fire at the moment, which may be due to the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree,” said Scott McElree, police chief of CBS broadcasting company Quakertown. According to firefighters, it was still open to see if there were any lights on the tree.

Rescue workers who arrived first at the scene of the accident had trouble getting into the house first. “It’s very dangerous to go to the front of a building with a fire,” firefighter Doug Wilhelm told CNN. “The fire spread throughout the house at this time as the front door and front window were closed. It was very difficult for the fire department to get inside safely. It took a while.”

Five family members were sleeping on the second floor when the fire broke out. Only the bodies of a 41-year-old father and two sons who went to third and fifth grades were recovered by emergency services. The mother and eldest son in the family survived the minor burns. According to CNN, both dogs died in the fire.

“This news is devastating for the district and the whole of Quakertown,” the school community wrote. Donation website set up – by Saturday evening (local time) we had raised over US $ 300,000, approximately 265,000 euros.

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