Gunman takes hostages in a Dutch bar

As of: March 30, 2024 11:33 am

A gunman has taken several people hostage in the Dutch town of Ede – three have now managed to escape from a bar. Police cordoned off the area and around 150 residences were evacuated for safety reasons.

Several people were taken hostage in a bar in the Dutch town of Ede near Utrecht. This was confirmed by a society spokesperson. At least three people have now been released, police confirmed. It is not clear how many hostages are still in the bar.

A large police presence has been cordoned off in the city centre, Dutch media reported. According to the police, around 150 apartments were evacuated. At the same time, authorities have called on people to avoid the city center. Shops were closed.

No evidence of terrorist activity

According to the “De Telegraph” newspaper, the armed man wearing a “petticoat” was allegedly carrying explosives.

The site has special units which, according to broadcaster NOS, are equipped with a robot to defuse explosive devices. Police said there was no evidence of a terrorist motive.

There are many investigations going on by the police as to what happened. Further details will not be released because it could “harm the hostages”. Train services have been temporarily suspended.

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