Contagion wave: China stops publishing corona numbers

Abroad Contagion wave

China has stopped publishing corona numbers

Huge wave of infections – China officially stops publishing corona numbers

Daily corona data is no longer reported in China – despite the explosion in the number of infections: around 250 million infections are feared since the beginning of the month. Our China Correspondent Matthias Kamp reports from Shanghai.

Another large-scale corona virus is spreading in China. Officials have meanwhile stopped communicating the numbers. Netizens are commenting cynically about it.

CHina stops publishing daily corona data after nearly three years in the wake of a large-scale outbreak. The number of new infections and deaths will no longer be reported daily, the National Health Commission said on Sunday. The Commission did not give a reason for this.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention will “continue to release information on the epidemic for reference and research purposes,” it said. The Commission did not comment on the nature and frequency of these releases.

Internet users in China reacted cynically to the announcement. “This is the best and biggest office for fake statistics in the country,” one user on the online service Weibo wrote about the authority, which previously released official corona data. Another wrote: “Finally woke up and realized I can’t fool people anymore.”

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The People’s Republic surprisingly announced the end of its controversial zero-covid policy this month after nationwide protests. Since then, the number of infections has skyrocketed. Medicines are sometimes in short supply and hospitals are overcrowded. As the death toll rises, cremators and operators are obviously facing problems.

Result of Compulsory Test

According to officials, it is now impossible to estimate the number of corona cases as the duty of testing has ended. Officials have also narrowed the medical definition of corona deaths, so according to observers, the number of corona deaths is lower than it actually is. Officially, only six corona deaths have been reported since the lifting of corona measures.

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