Get ready to enjoy more AR features on your phone and to witness the most serious encounter of the year; as two topmost tech giants – Google and Apple are aggressively racing for the AR-integrated smartphones! Alphabet Inc.’s Google today has unveiled the ultra-advanced tools to integrate the Augmented Reality (AR) apps with the smartphones, running on the Android operating system and the step of Google is no doubt a challenging set-up against Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s next-generation iPhone which is expected to ship with advanced AR features.

The phone-based Augmented Reality (AR) grabbed millions of attention when Nintendo’s Pokémon Go game took the market by storm. AR feature allows the digital objects to be placed over onto the real world over the display. After witnessing the huge popularity of Pokémon Go game, Apple earlier this summer announced its new AR tools for smartphones, called ARKit at its annual developer’s conference. Though ARKit is yet to be officially launched, Google has set a new competing benchmark by launching own AR-integrated kit, which it has dubbed “ARCore.”

As revealed by Google in its official launch event, the AR-kit of the firm will be compatible with millions of Android smartphones for building the AR-integrated platforms on mobile. As said by this California-headquartered tech company, its take on the AR technology will be first presented in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google’s homespun Pixel phones. In the first batch, ARCore will hit at least 100 million devices. Though Google is yet to set an official date for its international launch, marketers are expecting ARCore to hit the floor soon.

For Google, currently, there is only one major problem – iPhone 8 and the public release of iOS 11 launch date. As we all know. Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 8 and the public version of new OS – iOS 11 – the OS where ARKit will be integrated – is about to hit the commercial floor on the auspicious occasion of Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary and we are only a couple of week away from the launch date. It means, Apple may be able to take over Google’s AR plan, as ARCore for now, is only presented on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a well-reviewed smartphone. But in contrast to the sale rate of other currently available phones, Samsung Galaxy S8 is running slower, which means Apple might become the first company to bring the real escort of the public into the AR generation.

In terms of specifications and features, both ARKit and ARCore are highly appreciable. Both are capable of driving significant impetus to the mass market through their ultra-advanced augmented reality experiences. The trendier and killer apps, developed by both Apple and Google for AR will precisely bring communications, collaboration, and learning together. But it is yet to be confirmed which firm will the real champion of this race.