Android and Apple users shall receive an update in the upcoming days as both the companies have prepped up and introduced the next and better versions of their respective operating systems. Earlier this week Google brought out the new Android Oreo (version 8.0) to the market along with Apple introducing the iOS 11 with major bug fixes. This software was earlier in the beta version for few months before it was rolled out to the users.

Now both these updates are available for Apple and Android users; we can compare the Google Android 8.2 Oreo and Apple iOS 11.1.2 features side by side.

Multitasking and Productivity

With the new iOS 11, Apple has made its iPad the top priority among all its devices. The new improvements are designed specifically to suit the iPad with features such as split-screen, app-switch, improved dock, etc. With these features, one can easily move between various apps without any glitch. The iPhone users might not get much benefit from the latest update. The update for iPhone carries features like improved stock apps which include Notes and Mail, markup tools, additional files applications, etc. However, the benefit of multitasking in an efficient way lacks in iPhone as opposed to iPad.

This year Android Oreo doesn’t introduce any big change with the multitasking feature. All the required changes like split-screen multitasking were introduced to the Android phones last year along with the Android 7.0 Nougat.


Android Oreo has updated the picture-in-picture feature for Android Nougat to all the apps which were earlier limited YouTube only. To top it all, it works on both tablet and phones. Apple has introduced the picture-in-picture feature for iPads, but the feature is still missing in the iPhone. The old versions of iPad also are at a loss as they do not support the same.

Emoji or Animoji

The new Oreo has finally redesigned it yellow blob emoji for better ones. Instead of shapeless lumps, Android users will have emojis that are updated with the recent times. Not just that, the new Android Oreo comes with 56 new characters for the Android users.
Google is also initiating various steps to deal with the broken emoji issues. This helps when you send an updated emoji to your friends using the older version of Android. Apple also confirmed that the new update should come with a change in numerous emojis. It shall also adopt the new Unicode 10.0 update.


Both the Android as well as Apple platforms have received significant updates to the notification section. Google has added numerous ways to customize and interact with the notifications for the users. Android has borrowed some features from iOS like notification indicators on applications icons. The new 3D Touch gesture allows the user to take a peek at the notifications by long pressing on the notification app. Apart from this, the notification channels would also let you take control of all the notifications of the same types at once. You can also set custom background colors for the notifications.

Keyboard and Autofill

Google has now introduced the autofill feature which enables the user to fill the forms easily without having to put in every detail every time. This feature has been embed in the iOS for a few years now, which is also safe and secure making passwords easy to manage. Apple has introduced some small improvements along with one-handed keyboard layout.