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Fox News Fires Tucker Carlson – Trump ‘Shocked’


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Without giving a reason, US broadcaster Fox News fired its most popular moderator. Now Trump is speaking.

Updated as of April 25, 4:10 pm: As Donald Trump struggles with his own issues facing a rape investigation, the former president found time to praise newly fired host Tucker Carlson. “Well, I’m shocked and surprised,” Trump told Greg Kelly Newsmax During an interview at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“He was a good man and a very good man and very talented, you know, he had very high ratings,” Trump said of Carlson, who often used racist, misogynist and xenophobic remarks on his show. Trump also described the former Fox NewsModerator and his work “big” – also about his own political career.

Controversial figures: Former President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and politician Marjorie Taylor Green during the 3rd round of the LIV Golf Invitational Series in Bedminster on July 31, 2022. © Rich Graessle/Imago

Farewell to Fox News: Tucker Carlson must go

Report from April 25: WASHINGTON — With its far-right stances and ambiguous style, The Fox NewsModerator Tucker Carlson has long been considered one of the main sources of Trump fans, ultraconservatives and conspiracy theorists in America. Now the US broadcaster, which recently agreed to pay voting machine manufacturer Dominion millions, has parted ways with its flagship evening show host without giving reasons.

The decision must have come as a surprise to America’s media landscape, as did Carlson, who announced her show on Monday and bid farewell to her final TV appearance on Friday (April 21). as The Washington Post 787.5 million dollars in compensation was announced Fox News And Dominion settled a role out of court.

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Jokes and rumors about Fox News decision: Carlson must go

Comedians like Seth Meyers, for example, have been questioned about being mocked on left-wing late-night shows. Fox News Now running on the risk of “awakening,” wild speculation is doing the rounds on the texting service Twitter. The Los Angeles Times Citing inside sources, it was reported that Carlson’s dismissal was a direct decision of the 92-year-old. Fox NewsThe bosses were said to be Rupert Murdoch. The once cordial relationship between the media mogul and former President Donald Trump, a longtime supporter of the broadcaster, has been ailing for some time.

On Twitter, for example, the left was surprised MSNBC– Journalist Dean Obitalla overstated what Carlson would have done to lose his job after his last few years at Fox News: “Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News. But why? Fox News had no problem with his January 6 defense, white supremacist ideology, spreading election lies. Did he kill someone?”

TV anchor Tucker Carlson has now lost his job after Donald Trump lost the election.
TV anchor Tucker Carlson has now lost his job after Donald Trump lost the election. (Archive photo) © Chip Somodevilla/AFP

Tucker Carlson Quits Fox News: Radical Conservatives Demand Their Own Station

Probable cause for termination Fox News The split from Tucker Carlson also applies to the moderator’s text messages made known during the Dominion investigation, in which he admitted to hating ousted US President Trump “with a passion”. These revelations cast doubt on the moderator’s credibility, even among his fans. Carlson is also said to have repeatedly criticized station management in text messages.

Tucker Carlson: About the person

While Carlson’s critics applaud the broadcaster’s decision, American conservatives and the right-wing have already called on Carlson to go live without it. Fox News keep doing it. For example, Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler tweeted, “Tucker Carlson should start his own network immediately. He is the most important and effective voice in news.” Other voices are calling for Carlson to enter politics.In fact, Carlson’s show is considered the most successful news program on cable television in recent years.

Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News: job offer from Moscow

A statement The Washington Post According to Carlson, he was reportedly informed of the decision in a phone call on Monday morning after he and his crew had finished preparing the summer show over the weekend. Justin Wells, the producer responsible for Tucker Carlson’s show, is also leaving the station, according to a US newspaper report.

The Carlson case also caused a sensation in Moscow. Pro-Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov also offered Carlson a job at Russian state television. “You are always welcome in Russia and Moscow,” Solovyov said in a letter posted on Telegram on Monday evening. “If you want to continue as a moderator or anchor, we are happy to offer you a job,” the group said of the 59-year-old Russian, who is known for his hate speech against Ukrainians and the West. . (Saga with dpa)

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