Final Four Predictions for 2022: KS vs. Villanova, Duke vs. UNC Selections, March Madness odds, Briefs

The 2022 Final Four didn’t load as many favorite games as experts had predicted. In fact, only one of the teams left in the NCAA Championship is the top seed, but we still have a cadre of exciting contenders to win the National title. Combined, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Villanova are responsible for 17 NCAA championships, including nine since the turn of the century. It’s hard to write a better ending to this season.

Even better, Caesars Sportsbook’s odds makers expect the penultimate roster for this season’s games to be strewn with fails. Top seed Kansas is favored by just 4.5 points over second seed Villanova, while No. 2 seed Duke is only four points clear of No. 8 seed North Carolina.

However… our experts are close to coming to a consensus on who will qualify for Monday’s National Championship match. North Carolina’s Chip Patterson rides with Tar Heel in Saturday’s finale in a bold and straight pick, but for the most part, the rest of our team loves the favorites to win as part of the Final Four chalk. we will see.

Be sure to stick with CBS Sports for the remainder of the month for coverage of the NCAA Championship through to the end of the fourth round. Let’s take a look at our expert picks for Saturday’s Final Four matches.

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook | All times are oriental

2022 The last four predictions

(1) KS vs (2) Villanova

6:09 PM | TBS, March Madness Live: Impossible to boil any Match with a specific injury or one side of the game… in most cases. However, it may be as simple as that: Vilanova, already skinny in depth, is getting even thinner after losing second scorer and minutes leader Justin Moore to an Achilles injury in the Elite Eight. Kuwait University has the advantage of depth, which is very close to the tie in terms of talent. Maybe Caleb Daniels is going to Nova and Jay Wright riding five or six guys for 35-plus minutes with success, but I doubt the injury isn’t skewed too heavily in the Jayhawks’ favour. Picking: KS -4.5


was -4.5

Nova +4.5 was -4.5 was -4.5 Nova +4.5 Nova +4.5

straighten up

It was

It was It was It was It was It was
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(2) Duke v. (8) North Carolina

8:49 PM | TBS, March Madness Live: Duke and North Carolina split the regular season streak, but the UNC played a spoiler in their win after winning at Duke Stadium. That’s because the Tar Heels’ win came in the Coach K final at Cameron Indoor. As silly and cliched as it may sound, listing a Duke’s revenge here makes me a believer. Probably close – approx Certainly It’ll be soon – but the Blue Devils with Field Target look like a number. Take the points. Choose: North Carolina +4


UNC +4

Duke -4 Duke -4 UNC +4 UNC +4 UNC +4

straighten up


duke duke duke duke UNC

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