Facebook is said to be working on a modular smartphone that can change the use of smartphones that we know now. These devices are designed so that you can easily swap the older parts with newer ones to stay updated with time. These devices would also let the users customize the phones according to the new technologies and preferences. You can easily ad batteries, sensors, cameras and so on. Facebook has been planning to introduce one such smartphone which no one has been able to pull off as on now. Google’s Project Ara has been one of the closest failures in the making of a modular smartphone but no one has been successful in the same.

Although speculations are being made about the social network giant working on the same, nothing can be said for sure and neither has Facebook announced anything regarding the modular smartphone. However, Business Insider has discovered a new Facebook patent that aptly describes the modular devices.

These patents state that they are modular electromechanical devices and not smartphones. These devices, however, can easily incorporate various parts of a traditional smartphone including speakers, GPS, touch display, microphones and also functions as a basic phone which can be used to talk. The image from the patent reveals that this device looks nowhere close to a smartphone. The patent could also be a technology to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home with modular speakers.

The designers of this particular patent belong to the building number 8 of Facebook that is dedicated to building futuristic projects. This building has many former Apple, Google and Motorola employees along with team members from Project Ara. The unnamed device could operate by being connected to the server with each software loaded with different components. Before this, Facebook attempted to come up with a similar device but it was just another regular phone which was a single-handed creation by Facebook. The social media giant partnered with HTC to produce that handset but the same was a total failure.