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Current campaign pitches for next year’s battle for the White House: Will court ruling derail Donald Trump’s (77) campaign?

The Supreme Court in Colorado quickly overruled the Republican Party’s preference in state elections.

Argument: Trump got his election fraud lies after losing to the Democrats Joe Biden (81) was found guilty of attempted “sedition” in 2020. After all, discussions about “stolen elections” resulted at the time Unleashed Trump supporters storm the Capitol (January 6, 2021).

► A seven-judge panel ruled on the basis of Section Three of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution since 1868 that “rebels” were no longer allowed to hold public office in the United States. It was decided to prevent the defeated Confederates from returning to power three years after the end of the American Civil War.

The ruling came as a surprise: A lower court had previously rejected a legal challenge by six Republican and independent voters. However, the bombshell exploded during the appeal process – the judgment was adjourned until January 4 to allow time for appeals.

Trump announced an appeal

The former president immediately responded to this. His staff announced an “immediate and direct” appeal to the US Supreme Court. The cap burns. One report spoke of a “profoundly undemocratic decision”. Election Commission spokesman Steven Cheung dismissed the case as a “fraudulent scheme to manipulate elections by left-wing groups”.

Trump has a good chance in front of the highest judges in Washington: On the Supreme Court, conservatives hold a six-to-three majority. But the former president’s campaign team was shocked.

The legal thriller will expand to other states as well

Similar cases were recently dismissed by courts in Minnesota and Michigan. Plaintiffs also initially lost in Texas and Arizona. But with the ruling in the wind behind us, the legal thriller could spread to other states. A “wildfire” is imminent.

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If the ruling stands, Trump’s name will no longer appear on the ballot in Colorado. However, the caucus is unlikely to have any influence on the primary elections – in which Democrats and Republicans will choose their presidential nominees starting in mid-January. In a “Morning Consult” poll, Trump is the first choice for 66 percent of partygoers. Primary election victory seems difficult for him.

The image damage caused by the ruling will hurt Trump’s chances of becoming president

But if the ruling is final, Trump will also be disqualified from running for president in the state.

► At first glance, not a real disaster: Biden clearly won ten electoral votes in the Rocky Mountains in 2020. Trump is also considered less likely here next year.

But US political scientists have speculated that the damage to Trump’s image could hurt Trump’s chances elsewhere: “The ruling means Trump is the first candidate in US history to be classified as ineligible to appear on the presidential ballot,” CNN reported. Commentator is Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Trump’s ambitions to return to the Oval Office are compounded by an unprecedented legal hurdle. Four criminal charges have been filed against Republicans this year — actions that could overshadow the 2024 election campaign.

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