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Destiny 2 is getting Witcher 3 armor at the worst possible time


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The white wolf is coming Destiny 2 With some new cosmetics. Bungie has teased a crossover with CD Projekt Red’s beloved RPG Witcher 3 This will add three new armor sets to make players look like protagonist Geralt of Rivia, at least if they’re willing to pay $20 or more for one set. The new skins look great, but they also arrive Destiny 2Lowest point in years.

“Today, Bungie revealed an upcoming in-game collaboration with CD Projekt Red that will be coming alongside Season of the Wish on November 28,” the company said. he wrote in a press release. “Guardians can fashion themselves as monster slayers using new cosmetics inspired by Geralt of Rivia. The crossover includes armor, ghost shell, ship, bird, emote, and finisher skins.

We don’t know exactly how much the armor sets will cost, however Previous collaborations with games like Doctrine killer They are priced at $20 per armor set. That means it would cost $60 to buy all three, not including the Ghost case and other stuff. Crossover sets have traditionally not been available for purchase with Bright Dust, the in-game currency earned, meaning it’s the only way to unlock the game. Witcher 3 It will be paid for with real money.

As a big fan of everything WitcherFrom books and games to the rapidly declining version of Netflix, I’m fascinated by new formats. But their timing couldn’t be worse. A difficult year for me Destiny 2 It recently peaked at Bungie Laying off 100 employees In addition to reports of missing revenue forecasts by 45 percent and delay the final form expansion In three months. It left players who were already frustrated with the direction of the game in recent seasons Skeptical and anxious. like Forbes Writer Paul Tassie Recently pointed out, Destiny 2 It is now at its lowest concurrent player number ever on Steam.

While it seems that the beginning of the season of desires next week may be just that Finally make good on Destiny 2 puzzle Dating back five years, there are still a lot of questions about the future of the game, and expensive armor sets remain prevalent Big sore spot For the community. Destiny 2 Made one of the new armor sets free In September to try to calm some of the anger. Asking players to pay money for other collaborations after laying off staff, including community managers, composers and even veterans, will be another tough sell, no matter how good the groups are.

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