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96-core AMD Threadripper PRO 7995WX Zen4 CPU tears up 201K Cinebench R23 OC record with 1.6kW


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AMD claims to have broken another record with the Threadripper 7000

Elmore, Dear8Or and Shamino worked together to break a new world record.

It’s only been a day since the performance embargo on AMD’s latest high-end desktop/workstation series, the Threadripper 7000, was officially lifted. Overclockers have been working hard for over a month to push the limits of these AMD processors.

The Threadripper PRO 7995WX, the highest SKU in this series, has become the preferred choice among overclocking professionals. This preference comes from the amazing configuration that includes 96 Zen4 cores and full overclocking support. Overclockers experimented with air coolers, liquid cooling, and later liquid nitrogen, combined with high-end TRX50 motherboards and a fair amount of patience, resulting in several world records.

It is worth noting that the latest achievement in multi-core Cinebench R23 boasts noticeably 201,501 pointsAs achieved by the Elmor OC team. This world record pushes AMD’s TR overclocking results even further, outperforming the flagship Intel Xeon W9-3495X processor that was overclocked by 52%, while still consuming less power (1600W vs. 1880W).

TR PRO 7995WX HWBOT Register, Source: HWBOT

Threadripper Pro 7995WX OC (Cinebench R23):

  • Air cooling: 118,642 pt
  • Water cooling: 148,053 piasters
  • LN2: 177,050 points
  • AMD’s WR (October 10): 184,028 points
  • Elmore WR (Nov. 21): 201,501 points

[ElmorLabs] Threadripper 7995WX in Cinebench R23 Over 200K 6GHz 1600W (647 views)

The CPUs will be released later today and will be available to anyone who can spare at least $1,499, the price of the lower-tier TR 7960X with 24 cores. The 96-core version, which is only part of the PRO series, will retail for $10,000 (motherboard, memory and power supply are not included)

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series Cores/Threads Core clock Turbo watch TDP Management systems renewal project
forefront [up to 128 PCIe 5.0 Lanes, 8x DDR5-5200 Memory]
TR Pro 7995WX
TR Pro 7985WX
TR Pro 7975WX
TR Pro 7965WX
TR Pro 7955WX TBD
TR Pro 7945WX TBD
Headed [up to 48 PCIe 5.0 Lanes, 4x DDR5-5200 Memory]
TR 7980X
TR 7970X
TR 7960X

source: Hobot

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