Dave Chappelle poses with Lauren Boebert, who turned his photo into an anti-trans tweet

comedian Dave Chappelle He won’t take the MP. Lauren BoebertStrange behavior while standing.

Chappelle granted a selfie with the Colorado Republican at the Capitol on Thursday, but Boebert turned it into an anti-trans message on X(née Twitter), according to several News outlets.

Alongside a photo with comedian and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), Boebert wrote: “Only three people understand there are only two genders.”

While Chappelle was charged Using transphobic materials In his presentations, he was reportedly not happy about being associated with Boebert’s message.

He said during his stand-up show at Capital One Arena in D.C. that he agreed to request the photo from Boebert for a humanitarian moment to bridge the political divide, but felt “shocked” by it, according to the progressive influencer blog.

“It’s a shame she cheated on me,” Chappelle said. A call to activity. “I had two tickets to ‘Beetlejuice’ and I was going to give her one!”

“Beetlejuice” was the musical that led to this Public contempt They are stacked on Boebert. She and her bandmates were kicked out of a show in Denver for groping, vaping, and talking during the show.

Politico’s Kevin Barron, who said he was on Chappelle’s Show, Written on X That the comedian “made clever jokes about his history of trans jokes and said something like, ‘Just when I thought we were over it, you pulled me back!’ “

A spokesperson for Boebert told HuffPost on Friday that Chappelle “can be defined however he wants.” This is the reality of the situation. There are only two genders.”

HuffPost has also reached out to Chappelle for comment.

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