Data gaps cause concern: Lauterbach warns about invisible “Omigron dynamics”

Spoken data is worrisome
Lauterbach warns about the invisible “Omigron Dynamics”

In many European countries, Omigran is already the dominant variant in new corona infections. It is difficult to assess the situation in Germany due to test failures and reporting delays. Federal Health Minister Lauterbach is concerned.

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach tensions over the precarious situation. Lauterbach told the “Bild” newspaper that he acknowledged that “the Omicron dynamic” that “worries him the most” was “not exactly reflected in the official figures”.

In daily reports on the corona situation in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has repeatedly pointed out that less testing and reporting activity can be expected during the holidays and the beginning of the year. Therefore, the number of officially declared cases can only show an incomplete picture of the corona situation in Germany.

The number of officially announced seven-day events has dropped to 215.6 daily. For comparison: the day before the nationwide event was 222.7, up from 306.4 a week earlier (previous month: 452.2).

Lauterbach fears that the appearance of fall events is deceptive. “Built” reports that he is now trying to gather missing data from across Germany to better assess the situation. He should put pressure on the responsible authorities in the districts who were negligent in checking, reporting and locating contacts during the Christmas holidays.

The number of detected omigran cases is increasing

RKI’s current data indicate that the Omigron wave may now roll over in Germany: within a day, a number of proven reliable and possible Omigron cases were sent to the company. 10,443 cases will now be assigned to the new corona variant, which is 45 percent higher than the previous day, according to this Tuesday’s RKI overview page (data from December 28). This number represents all detected events from the 46th calendar week beginning November 15th. Most of the posts came in the previous week (6257) (previous week: 2904).

Several experts, including RKI boss Lothar Wheeler, have warned of an increased risk of infection emerging from the variant. “The explosions at Omikron are interesting. A lot of people in a room with an infected person can be affected. Many of them get sick,” he told the Editorial Network Germany (RND). The Omigron type is currently spreading rapidly in Europe. In many countries it is already the dominant variant for new infections.

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