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Concern grows over supervolcano – “it was strong”


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There is another earthquake in Italy. An earthquake is currently occurring in the Naples area. Anxiety increases.

NAPLES — Residents and experts have been on alert for months. Because of the growing concern among researchers called A “supervolcano” could erupt in Italy. A series of earthquakes are also considered warning signals – and the Naples area is currently experiencing another series of them.

The earthquake hit the Plegraion fields south of Naples at around 12:30pm on Monday. Italy Earth again. The tremor was confirmed by the INGV operations center in Naples. Accordingly, Monday’s earthquake was recorded as 3.6 on the Richter scale. That means the earthquake is felt by the people of the area. However, with this strength there is rarely any damage. However, the earthquake has caused concern. In particular, two earthquakes of magnitude 1.4 and 1.9 were already measured on Sunday. This earthquake is part of a so-called seismic swarm.

Another earthquake struck Italy

The earthquake was strong Roy Measurable in Naples itself. The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 1.9 km in Solpathara area.

A new seismic cluster has struck Naples, Italy. (Image gallery) © Image gallery: IMAGO / Cavan Images //

The earthquake triggered a state of alert among residents of Pozzuoli, Baia, Bacoli and Monte di Procida and the districts of Bagnoli, Agnano and Fuorigrotta. No damage so far. Nevertheless, many residents went out – despite the rain.

Mayor confirms new earthquake swarm in southern Italy

According to the mayor of Bagoli, José Gerardo della Ragione, Monday’s earthquake was “strong, lasted several seconds and was felt throughout the city.” So he is in touch with Civil Defense. The mayor also confirmed: “A new seismic swarm is underway. The situation is being monitored continuously,” he posted on his Facebook page, adding that there was no damage to people or buildings.

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In 2011, researchers used a simulation to show how a volcanic eruption might occur in the region. This representation leads to great uncertainty in the view of increasing earthquakes. As it is a high traffic area, accidents can happen.

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