Chevrolet is going to refresh its car lineup for 2019 by introducing all-new Malibu, Cruze sedans and Spark minicar with restyled faces and a new range of trims.

The Malibu will get an RS trim in 2019 edition. It is Chevrolet’s sporty mid-level trim whose price starts from $25,000. The car got 18-inch wheels, a sporty black grille, rear spoiler, black bowties and a dual exhaust pipes. The interior of the car will have a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter with black cloth seats. It will also get equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen with new Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system.

The RS trim for Malibu gets fit between the LS base model and LT model. The LT model gets LED lighting which is installed to the headlamps and will have a 2.0-liter turbo engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The Chevrolet Cruze and Spark 2019 model will get upgraded by front fascia. The Cruze will also have a new trim line which will come with the lower-end LS Hatch option.  In addition to increasing the Popular Cruze hatch offerings, the Cruze hatch retail sales are accounted for 20 percent during the year 2017. The new trims for the Cruze and Malibu 2019 edition will fill the price-points that the brand needs to be competitive.

It is found that a large commercial fleet of Malibu sales ends up in the high-end LT models as most of the buyers are looking for the top safety features in order to keep driver and passenger safe. Steve Majoros who is the Chevrolet’s marketing director for cars and crossovers told that GM moves in order to reduce some of the fleet volumes to favor the lucrative retail sales and Chevrolet need to give some offerings to new buyers on the lower-end to the middle of the pricing list.

Majoros added by saying that it is all about being more competitive at the lower end and giving customers all the price points and the content with a style that they want or deserve. This should also help the company dealers so that they can sell and succeed.

The Chevrolet Spark will have a new look during the year 2019 and it will come with grille having more chrome. Projector style headlamps and LED running daytime lamps. The car will be offered in four trims which includes the crossover-inspired ACTIV trim which helps in raising the vehicle by half-inch.

The GM’s executive  vice-president and President of North America Alan Batey said that “ Cheby is obviously our full-time brand.”  We need to very careful about the pricing as external factors like fuel price can change the market quickly. When the company went bankrupt in the year 2009 GM invested heavily in the company in order to bring the company to life. This investment allows the company to have vehicles ranges from compact battery-electric Bolt RV to Silverado pickup. According to the company, it said that the cars still play the important role in building the brand loyalty as many customers choose compact SUVs like Trax.