Canada is ready to send its own soldiers

According to a report, Canada is ready to send a small number of soldiers to Ukraine. Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair said Toronto Star It said Canadian military personnel could be sent to a country under Russian attack, as long as the operation took place in a clear, non-combat role far from the front lines.

The idea was discussed earlier this week at an international Ukraine conference in Paris, where Blair attended a security summit with Canada's NATO allies and other Ukraine supporters. After the meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron discussed sending armed forces to Ukraine. As a result, several countries, including Germany and Canada, said they rejected the idea.

On Friday, Macron stepped forward despite international criticism. “Every word I say on this topic is considered, thoughtful and sensible,” he told broadcaster BFMTV at the opening of the Olympic Village in Paris.

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Western combat troops in Ukraine: Putin warns of tragic consequences

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin had already issued an urgent warning to the West against using ground forces. The consequences of such a move would be “tragic,” Putin said in his State of the Nation address. He accused the West of creating the risk of nuclear conflict.

Despite Canada's initial statement that it had “no plans to send combat troops” to Ukraine, Blair now has a role in training Canadian military personnel on the ground, the report said.

He explained: “I don't want to bring Canadian Armed Forces personnel anywhere near a combat theater that could create the impression that we are doing any element of a combat role.” He also noted that the military already has a small presence in the country to protect Canadian diplomatic staff.

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