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Bungie is preparing to monitor and ban cheating of XIM users in Destiny 2


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Bungie is the latest online game developer to announce It will start monitoring, warning, and even banning Destiny 2 players Who use XIM cheat devices to control or similar cheat. The company said the edge Back in February it was looking at ways to combat cheaters, and now its policy draws a clear line on what’s not allowed. The move comes like other big online games, from Call of duty to overwatch, It also adopts methods to try to detect devices and either tamper with them or ban players who are using them altogether.

in her blog todayBungie points out that “external helpers” are a problem that the community is increasingly frustrated with – while actually avoiding naming the devices to deter highlighting them.

The devices in question usually include the XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1. Third-party mouse and keyboard interfaces mimic console input, allowing users to reap the benefits that console players enjoy, like aim assist, but with the added precision and movement capabilities you can only get with a keyboard and mouse. They can also run scripts that boost aim, shoot fast, or add other unfair advantages.

Bungie’s post says that the devices are “entering their own villain arc” while noting that some devices can be a boon to accessibility and that the devices are explicitly used as an accessibility assistant for gameplay. Destiny 2 “Where the player cannot otherwise play” would not be an infringement. However, those using them to reduce recoil, increase aim assist, or mitigate other challenges that are not “as the game designers intended” would be an offense.

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Bungie embraces the use of third-party accessibility aids that enable an experience intended by the game designers but will take action, including bans, on people who specifically abuse these tools to gain an advantage over other players.

Cronus Zen allows players to use mouse and keyboard inputs that the game perceives as a controller.
Image: Kronos

The company hasn’t gone into much detail about how it detects cheaters using the sometimes undetectable devices. For example, Activision uses its Ricochet anti-cheat system to detect infractions and will suspend users or mess with them by making opponents invincible. Meanwhile, Ubisoft created a system called Mousetrap that studied player movements and made a model for detecting cheaters. The company will hand out penalties by slowly adding response time to the movements of alleged cheaters.

Bungie said in the blog that it will “assess all gameplay for violations,” covering not only deathmatch-style PvP gameplay, but also 2 per pot Great co-op PvE content, since the use of cheats can affect players and teams participating in world premiere races.

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