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Bungie completely debunks the Destiny 2 conspiracy theory


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If you’ve read enough Reddit and Twitter posts over the past few months, you’ve probably heard of something interesting Destiny 2 A plot involving the Strand – an in-game power added in the online shooter’s latest expansion – and Witch Queen Expansion from 2022. The theory suggests that the Strand was a residual idea that was pushed into it Destiny 2The latest released expansion. But Bungie has responded to the theory and debunked it completely.

released in March, Destiny 2’s Lightfall The expansion was not well received or as popular as the game’s great 2022 expansion, Witch Queen. Among the many complaints was the inclusion of a new force, the Strand. It wasn’t that Strand felt weak or bored, but instead, the green colored force that focused energy strands seemed out of place in the neon Lightfall City with futuristic buildings. I’ll admit it when I play light fall, Strand felt almost trapped in the online shooter. You kind of find it on the new planet and there you go. But some fans have taken this feeling that Strand is out of place and suggested it was because the ability was never intended to be part of the game. light fall Not at all, but it was planned Witch Queen Downloadable content. They refer to it as green.Witch Queen The DLC has been covered in shades of green from the trailers to the Queen’s world – and it’s also suggested that the Force’s focus on threads and connections fits better with the 2022 expansion.

In an interview on Aug. 29 with computer games, Destiny 2′Joe Blackburn’s manager was asked how true this fan theory is.

Strand was never designed for Witch QueenBlackburn explained emphatically. “For one thing, it takes us longer than a year-long course to do an entirely new kind of damage.”

Blackburn also found it funny that people assumed Strand’s green was a sign he was related to witch Queen, Like he said, the color came naturally in evolution light fallThe neon-hued world of Neumona, as it was meant to thematically connect to the planet’s synthwave atmosphere.

Strand was everything light fall‘All the time,’ said Blackburn, ‘and I’m sure some people would never believe me unless they could go and see Flag flying on the moon“.

Meanwhile, back to reality, Destiny 2The next expansion —the final form-— seems to be heading towards a massive conclusion to the decade-long saga. The latest DLC brings back the beloved Exo Cayde-6 and he Seasons give away episodes. It is scheduled to be launched next February.


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