You can now install the next big update for Windows 11 a little early

Microsoft is releasing the next big Windows 11 update to Preview episode release From the final test today. Windows 11 22H2 is expected to be available in the coming months and will include a number of big changes to the operating system, including new Start Menu folders, updated touch gestures and taskbar drag and drop.

While you can wait for Microsoft to officially release the update through Windows Update, you can get the final build, build 22621, through the Windows Insider option inside the Windows Update section of Windows 11. Just follow the instructions to sign up for the Windows Insider Program, and make sure to select Release Preview.

New Start Menu folders in Windows 11.
Photo: Microsoft

Windows 11 22H2 includes a new light wallpaper feature, which scrolls through the beautiful backgrounds you usually find on your lock screen. Live Captions are also included in Windows 11 22H2, great for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or anyone who wants to add captions to audio automatically. Captions can be created on the device from any audio content, and captions can float in a window or be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.

The task manager also gets a file Overhaul In Windows 11 22H2, with a new dark mode and much improved layout. It includes a new command bar to match the dark theme, along with an efficiency mode that lets you limit apps from consuming system resources. If you’re a fan of Snap Layouts in Windows 11, it’s improved in this update to allow you to drag an app to the top of a window and reveal all the layouts you can use. Microsoft is also improving its focus feature to include Do Not Disturb mode. It makes it a lot easier to quickly silence notifications so that you only see the ones that are really important.

The Auto Transcript feature is a great new addition.
Photo: Microsoft

Hello dark mode task manager.
Photo: Microsoft

Most Windows 11 users will be happy to hear that drag and drop returns to the taskbar, allowing you to drag files into applications like Photoshop. The new Start menu folders will also allow Windows 11 users to customize the pinned section of the Start menu into a precise selection of folders.

Windows 11 22H2 will officially launch on devices later this year, likely in the September timeframe, but the update is big enough to be installed early — especially for Live Captions alone.

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