‘Blue Beetle’ $3.3M, ‘Strays’ $1.1M in Thursday Previews – Deadline

Friday midday: Early numbers refer to Warner Bros./DC’s blue beetle with $9.8 million today and a $25 million Opening at 3871. This is higher than others are showing given Latin and Spanish crowds can be expected tonight and during the party. Remember that blue beetle It has all the PLFs, Imax and premium charges working for it.

Warners can boast of a second-place finish in its fifth weekend Barbie In 4,003 theaters, priced at $6 million Friday, -40% over last week, and $20 million – $21 million 3 days, -39%. in the end , Barbie reach to $566.7 million by EOD Sunday.

the third and fourth, respectively, to go to Universal with Oppenheimer And stress. Oppenheimer In 3,321 theaters it will see $3 million on Friday the Fifth, a -40% vs $10.9 million 3 days, -42% and a total run $285.5 million Christopher Nolan’s movie is coming soon beginningDomestic $293 million. Bad news, $46 million production, R rating. stresscoming in $8.5 million Priced at 3,223 after a Friday value of $3.5 million.

blue beetle It has an audience score on RT of 93%, while stress No one is currently registered.

BLUE BEETLE, Xolo Mariduena as Blue Beetle, 2023. © Warner Bros. Pictures. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

RelishMix says of the online chatter that it’s “fundamentally positive as fans welcome the face of a new superhero – with Xolo Maridueña, the beloved character from Cobra Kai bringing the excitement. While many idolize iconic characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man, they also praise Despite the cultural depth of the film, there are some similarities between the youngsters of the Spy Kids and the Power Rangers.

© Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

on stress RelishMix notes, “The crowds are barking stress As the convoy follows a boisterous and mixed-up compliant Sausage party With nods to the originality of the movie featuring live, foul-mouthed dogs. Enthusiasts argue it’s time the genre took bold steps, pushing boundaries and redefining comic tastes. Snarks question its nuances, debating whether it was a true innovation or just a passing experiment. Regardless of its final status amid comedy, stress sparked an emotional debate.”

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Paramount’s third weekend at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem $2.2 million for Friday, -45% from last week, A.J $8.4 million 3 days, -45%, with a total run $88.1 million by EOD Sunday.

Friday morning: Even though the kids are back in school, the summer box office hasn’t given up yet, and there’s a chance we can get close to $4 billion thanks to the ultimate action force of Barbie And Oppenheimer. Warner Bros hopes for the first Latino superhero movie, blue beetleAnd will fuel core moviegoers; DC address would see it 3.3 million dollars last night in previews that started at 2pm from 3,400 locations, as Universal looks to give guys something to laugh about after Oppenheimer With the R-rated bawdy doggy comedy, stressTotal $1.1 million From showtimes starting at 5 p.m. in 2,700 theaters.

blue beetle Expected to take a weekend off with $28 million – $32 million, hoping that Latino and Spanish moviegoers would fuel it with traveling commercials. The Angel Manuel Soto-directed film is expected to take the No. 1 spot away from Warner Bros. Pictures. ‘ Barbie In its fifth weekend, which the Mattel doll expected would still be pretty with it $22 million – $24 million.

blue beetlePreviews not far from Shazam: Wrath of the Gods which grossed $3.4 million before grossing $11.7 million on its first Friday, and $30.1 million over three days. The DC sequel, which cost $125 million, was such a letdown, its wattage bumped by news of the new DC universe James Gunn and Peter Safran are building. While the $30 million starting charge blue beetle It would be noticeable for a Hispanic Latino movie – there’s great company here Alita: Battle Angel which opened to $28.5 million ($37.2 million over 4) – opening for this DC superhero likely won’t trigger a sequel. blue beetle Costing $104 million, the studio was originally conceived for HBO Max, but then the studio switched to theatrical after strong test screening. The comments weren’t shabby blue beetle At 79% certified fresh, and higher than Shazam 249% is corrupt, but it is less than Shazam90%. Shazam It received a CinemaScore, the sequel a B+. Shazam is Wrath of the Gods It died at the domestic box office back in the spring with a final $57.6 million.

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stress expected to do in adolescence; Critics Dislike the Comedy Already has a 56% Rotten (vs. Uni before the August 2019 pandemic Good boys containing 80% fresh). stressPreview number is less than good boy’ $2.1 million, which turned into $8.3 million on Friday, and $21.4 million in 3 days.

Among the titles in the regular edition, Barbie It made $3.8 million yesterday in 4,178 theaters, down 15% from Wednesday, for a straight four-week total of $545.7 million.

uni Oppenheimer In second place with $2 million on Thursday at 3,761, -20%, for a four-week total of $274.6 million. The Christopher Nolan-directed 3-hour drama is looking to bring in another $12 million.

Paramount / Nickelodeon / Point Gray Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem It grossed $1.3M at 3950, -17% for a two-week and two-day total of $79.7M.

Fourth is Warner MiG-2: The Trench $1 million did yesterday, -18% from Wednesday, for two weeks in a row from $59.8 million.

A24’s Talk to me It finished fifth with an estimated $600,000 in 2,379 theaters, a -16% decline, for a three-week run of $33.8 million.

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