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‘Inside Out 2’ is a historic animated film in its second weekend at the box office


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Whoever wrote that the theatrical production was finished might want to make a correction like the Disney/Pixar one Inside out 2 It’s likely headed for a historic second weekend for an animated film, topped by Illumination/Universal Super Mario Bros movie$92.3 million.

Rival forecasts expect the Kelsey Mann-directed sequel to hit $95 million, while insiders say $85M – $90M+ after $28 million – $30 million Friday at 4,400 locations. “Until Today” will push the sequel to become the highest-grossing film since the beginning of the year Sand Dunes: Part Two Into the Dust ($282.1 million domestic).

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At this level, Inside out 2 Looking to post the best second weekend of any Disney animated release, Best Frozen 2$85.9 million and Incredibles 2$80.3 million.

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Inside out 2 It ended its first week with $254.7 million, and after this weekend its total will rise to $254.7 million. $339.7 million – $344.7 million. Yesterday’s money broke the record Pixar set on Thursday at $19.2 million Find my role ($17.4 million) and Incredibles 2 ($16.3 million). Total global operation of Inside out 2 As of yesterday it is $481.1 million.

Sony Bad Boys: Ride or Die Maintains second place with 16 million dollars-53% in total $144.1 million. This decade is close to Boys are bad for lifeThird weekend by -48%. By Sunday, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be in fourth place, about $4 million behind Boys are bad for life At the same time. Friday’s cume is $4.6 million at 3,781 venues.

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Norman Reedus as the hilarious Sonny in The Bikeriders

Focus features

The third goes to guardianship/focus features Cyclists In 2,641 theaters with A.J $3.8 million Friday including $1.45 million Thursday previews and previews for A.J 9 million dollars Opening. Focus has covered 50% of the $30 million to $40 million production cost and is on the hook for P&A. The Jeff Nichols-directed film is expected to fetch between $8 million and $10 million. Focus took over the film’s distribution thereafter Cyclists It was parked at Disney. The pic is dated the first weekend of December. Disney fumbled with this great sci-fi movie the creator, The Gareth Edwards-directed epic released during the actors’ strike to $40.8 million with Regency leading the way. Cyclists He moved on to the classic Uni label, which released Nichols’ song Loving To the Cannes Film Festival premiere and Oscar-nominated lead actress Ruth Negga. Cyclists It recently received an 82% Rotten Tomatoes rating from critics, and currently has a 77% rating from audiences.

Sony Garfield movie In 3013 theaters witnessing the fifth Friday of $1.3 million And the fifth weekend of 4 million dollars-16% and total operation by Sunday of $85.5 million.

20th Century Studios/Disney Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes In 2,410 theaters 7th Friday is released Million dollarsthe seventh weekend of $3.75 million-32%, and total operation $164.5 million. As mentioned, the Wes Ball-directed remake actually surpasses Matt Reeves’ previous chapter, War for the Planet of the Apes It ended its US/Canada run at $146.88 million.

Russell Crowe in The Exorcism

Russell Crowe in “The Exorcism”

my head

Outside the Top 5 is Vertical Entertainment’s widest release ever, and it’s a Russell Crowe movie Exorcism, Financed by Miramax, in 2,240 theaters. The film received a critical rating of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes and 50% from the audience. 800 thousand dollars Friday, $1.85 million 3 days per industry estimates. I’ve heard in terms of PIC economics for Vertical, it’s a low threshold, and there’s nothing to lose. I understand that those surveyed thought it was a sequel to the Crowe film from last year; pope exorcist, However, he does not play a priest in this film, but rather a troubled actor.

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