Bloody action on camera documents: Man drives 1200km – to kill his brother | news

How deep must his hatred have been?

In America, a man drove 1200 kilometers to kill his own brother. This is reported by local media.

Police officers raided those properties. A fratricide dies in a hail of bullets

Photo: Weber County Prosecutor

Accordingly, Jeffrey Roberts (66) got into a car in Long Beach (California) and drove almost twelve hours to Acton (Utah). What happened there was recorded on a surveillance camera.

At around 7pm local time on Thursday (April 27), the 66-year-old rang her brother Scott’s doorbell. Jeffrey Roberts asks: “Hey, what are you doing?” The prospective victim replies: “What are you doing here?” After a short, rude exchange, the man in shorts and tennis socks suddenly pulled out a gun. Suddenly the shooting starts.

Scott Roberts was shot for no reason.  Hero helps his wife Jodi escape from the killer

Scott Roberts was shot for no reason. Hero helps his wife Jodi escape from the killer

Photo: gofundme

Another shot shows Jeffrey Roberts getting a duffel bag and shotgun out of the car. By the time he shot his brother, his sister-in-law Jodi managed to escape. A 66-year-old man suffered a mental breakdown when neighbors called the police because of the shooting.

When officers arrived at the scene, the home was engulfed in flames. Roberts immediately begins shooting at law enforcement officers, hitting a police car and a neighbor’s garage door. The bearded man steps in front of the door step.

The fire destroyed most of the house

The fire destroyed most of the house

Photo: Weber County Prosecutor

According to the investigative report, Jeffrey Roberts was heavily armed, with 23 fully loaded magazines and 150 rounds of ammunition for the 9mm rifle and shotgun. The motive for the bloodshed is completely unknown. Only the media wrote that the brothers had separated. The Weber County Attorney’s Office is investigating.

The victim’s daughter, Kelsey Turner, has started a fundraiser for her mother. Jodie Roberts lost not only her husband who saved her life, but also a large part of her possessions in the fire. target Gofundme campaign: “To help rebuild my mother’s life.”

Shock at the front door The parcel carrier suddenly pulls a gun

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