“Beautiful and Civilized”: Kim Jong Un Plans “Socialist Wonderland”

“Good and Civilized”
Kim Jong Un Plans ‘Socialist Wonderland’

North Korea’s leadership paints the country’s future in rosy tones. A new legislative initiative aimed at creating a true socialist paradise. But given the dire economic crisis in the impoverished and isolated country, skepticism is warranted.

North Korea’s parliament wants to transform the isolated country into a “beautiful and civilized socialist wonderland” with the help of new laws. According to state media, the laws deal with landscaping and rural development. US news channel CNN reported that the government’s plans include restoring and replacing an area in the north of the country devastated by storms. A model mining community should be created there, citing 38 North Portal’s experts dealing with the situation in North Korea.

“The two new laws will advance the ruling party’s efforts to make a radical change in its rural people and landscape design policy, achieve rapid development of the socialist countryside (…) and transform the country into a beautiful and civilized socialist fairyland,” said a deputy before the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly SPA. State news agency KCNA reported, citing the speech.

President Kim Jong Un, who did not attend the meeting, promised to improve people’s living conditions and promote rural development. However, North Korea’s self-imposed corona restrictions, international sanctions over the country’s nuclear weapons program, and an increasing number of natural disasters have led to an economic crisis. The US accuses Kim of investing in military projects at the expense of the population. The U.S. said Russia was receiving munitions from Kim’s empire, thereby financing the dictator. Moscow dismissed the report as false.

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