Attacks on ammunition depots prompt Russia to reconsider

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After a short breather, Russia resumes hostilities in Donbass: Ukraine war news ticker.

  • Russia Pays attention Ukraine war For attacks in the east.
  • Arms supply NATOThe EU And especially America Ukraine will complicate Russia’s progress in the conflict.
  • Editor’s Note: All news about Ukraine conflict Read this News-ticker. Some of the information comes from warring factions and cannot be independently verified directly.

+++ 3:22 pm: After several successful attacks on Russian munitions depots, including weapons systems supplied from the West, Russian attacks on the Ukrainian Luhansk region have reportedly decreased significantly. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian military administration in the region, Serhiy Haidai.

According to Haidai, another consequence of the Ukrainian offensive was a change in strategy by Russian troops, who largely avoided setting up new ammunition depots and instead approached directly forward with supply vehicles. Ukraine is now using the “sophisticated logistics” of Russian troops to its advantage, according to Haidai news portal. Pravda Via social network Facebook.

A Ukrainian soldier examines Russian munitions dropped after an attack on a Russian military vehicle. (iconic photo) © Sergey Bobok/AFP

Ukraine war: Russia confirms missile attack on Dnipro city

+++ 1.15 pm: The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Ukraine launched a missile attack on the industrial city of Dnipro in eastern Ukraine. However, Moscow spoke of the military targeting of the night shelling, which Ukrainian sources said killed three people and wounded 15 others. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday that spare parts and repair factories for Tochka-U ballistic missiles at the Yushmash weapons group’s compound were destroyed.

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According to Kiev, the shelling targeted an industrial area in the metropolis. However, a busy street in the area was also hit, the head of the Dnipro military administration, Valentin Reznichenko, said on his Telegram channel. Information provided by both warring parties cannot be independently verified at this time.

War in Ukraine: Russia announces “expansion” of attacks

+++ 12.00 hrs: Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered an expansion of attacks on the neighboring country while inspecting troops involved in the war in Ukraine. “After hearing the situation report, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry gave the necessary instructions to the Kiev regime to expand the operations of military groups in all directions of attack in order to deprive the Kiev regime of the possibility of further massive artillery and rocket attacks on infrastructure and civilians in the Donbass and other regions, the ministry said on Saturday.

This is Shoigu’s second inspection of Russian forces in Ukraine. The first happened at the end of June. At the current event, the Russian Defense Minister honored two high-ranking generals, including the head of the military group “Center”, Colonel General Alexander Lapin. Labin is considered one of the leaders who captured the city of Sjewerodonetsk/Lysychansk in the Donbass.

Ukraine war: Russia steps up offensive in Donbass

+++ 8.00 am: According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian armed forces, after regrouping their forces, have stepped up attacks in the east of the country. In the past 24 hours, Ukraine has repelled Russian offensive attempts in the direction of Baghmut and in front of Donetsk, the General Staff in Kyiv said in its situation report on Saturday. “After regrouping, the enemy has resumed the attack on the Wuhlehirsk thermal power station and the fighting is ongoing,” it said. Information cannot be independently verified.

However, military experts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) have observed that Russian troops are drawing to a close after capturing the city of Severodonetsk / Lysisansk. At present there are minor conflicts. “If the operational gap does indeed end, the Russians may continue and intensify their attacks for the next 72 hours,” the ISW analysis said.

Ukraine War: Air Alert Across Ukraine – Zelenskyj Warns People

Update from 6:30 am on Saturday, July 16: Volodymyr Zelenskyj also sees Russian society damaged by decades of war against his country. Ukraine will defend “humanity and civilization,” he said in a video address on Saturday night (July 16).

He promised to rebuild the destroyed educational institutions. “But Russian society, many murderers and executioners, will remain crippled for generations – it’s their own fault.” Zelensky again appealed to his comrades not to ignore the air strike, considering new attacks in several regions in the evening. warning

Sirens have been wailing across Ukraine for the past few hours. Videos and photos were circulated on social media purportedly showing flying rockets and plumes of smoke in the southeastern city of Dnipro. Dmytro Lunin, governor of the central Ukrainian region of Poltava, confirmed the explosions in Kremenchuk. Another missile was fired over southern Ukrainian territory, Odessa military governor Maxim Marchenko said. Details of possible casualties and destruction are not yet known.

Ukraine war: Russian attack on city of Dnipro – dead and wounded

+++ 10:39 PM: Russian missiles hit Dnipro, Ukraine. Videos and photos purportedly showing rockets flying in the southeastern city and plumes of smoke have been circulating on social media.

Deputy Mayor Mykhailo Lysenko confirmed the attack on his Facebook account. “As a result of the missile attack on the city of Dnipro, the water supply may be cut off for a while,” he said. Ukrainian online media Independence of Kiev Three people died and 15 were injured, citing official information.

Ukraine war: Russian missile attack on Donetsk region

+++ 9.39 pm: According to Ukrainian sources, six civilians were injured in a Russian rocket attack in the city of Pakmut (Donetsk Oblast). It said projectiles from Russian attackers hit a supermarket and other shops. “Furthermore, about ten apartments and private buildings were destroyed or damaged,” the Ukrainian report said.

Update as of Friday, July 15, 7:23 pm: As the Kyiv Independent reported via Twitter early in the morning, US M270 missile systems have arrived in Ukraine. These will now be stationed on the battlefield with the Himars. Multiple rocket launchers can hit targets up to 80 kilometers away.

War in Ukraine: Russian troops come under pressure from US weapons

Report from Friday 15th July: KYIV – Ukrainian soldiers open fire Himars are multiple rocket launchers, which they received from America. In the east and south of their country, which is now under Russian control, they blow up weapons and ammunition depots and fuel depots. They proudly show videos of targets burning in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson regions. Almost five months after the war in Ukraine, the images should boost morale.

And the President Volodymyr Zelenskyj Appreciates that the heavy weapons provided by the West are effective. And he demands more of it – and rockets with longer ranges: 70 to 300 kilometers instead. Selenskyj repeatedly announces an offensive to recover lost territories and stop the Russian advance. But despite selective and successful strikes against logistics, considered the weak point of the Russian armed forces, even Ukrainian experts see no progress.

Ukraine-News: Combat activity of Russian units “severely” curtailed

According to Ukrainian military analyst Ole Zhdano, the destruction of ammunition and fuel depots will have mainly a short-term effect. “This reduces the combat operations of the Russian units very drastically,” he says on Ukrainian television. “It makes it easier for us to defend. We get a chance to counterattack in individual units. No matter how hard Russia tries, we impose a combative nature on them.

Russian media critical of the Kremlin also report that Moscow has had no time to celebrate its recent capture of Luhansk region. Russia has an advantage through its artillery and ammunition stocks. However, according to an analysis by the Medusa portal, the US Himar system, whose rockets are accurately positioned by GPS, has dealt heavy blows to Russian units. (marv/nak/dpa)

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