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At least 13 people were injured in a shooting at a New York subway station


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Status: 04/12/2022 5:21 pm

Police say at least 13 people have been injured in a shooting at a New York subway station. The culprit may have escaped.

Many were shot dead at a subway station in New York’s metropolitan area of ​​Brooklyn. A New York Fire Department spokesman said firefighters rushed to the scene following the smoke, and many more were found shot. At least 13 people were injured in the incident. It was not immediately clear how many of them were shot, and the US media reported that five people had been injured by bullets.

The photo, taken from the scene, showed people watching the bleeding passengers. The injured were lying on the ground of the subway station. Further details were initially unknown.

The shooting took place at a tumultuous time

The shooting reportedly took place during the morning emergency ARD reporter Peter Mukke. Emergency services were alerted at 8.30am local time. The subway station is located in the vicinity of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, south of Manhattan, which is the poorest neighborhood in the city, Mukke said.

Many subways meet at the station, and their trains stop at the stations. There were many delays and cancellations.

The police make it all clear: there are no active explosives

Footage posted on social media showed smoke coming from the subway car. Police said a smoke bomb had exploded before the shooting. However, contrary to what was originally reported, New York police said on Twitter that no explosives had been found. He also asked people to avoid the areas around the railway station.

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The perpetrators may have escaped

Investigators are looking for the man wearing a case mask and orange dress. Brooklyn Borough Mayor Mark Levine said on Twitter that the man responsible for the suspected shooting was still at large.

US President Biden said

A spokesman for US President Joe Biden said he had been briefed on the shooting. Senior White House officials are in contact with New York Mayor Eric Adams and police chiefs. If necessary, the government is ready to provide all necessary assistance to the city.

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