Arctic winter increases in March – snow in Mallorca

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It’s cold again in Germany. But southern Europe is also facing cold and snow – even in Mallorca.

MUNICH – Winter is expected to return to Germany over the weekend, and meteorologists are also expecting snow. But apparently the wintry weather isn’t just hitting the Federal Republic. It’s very cold all over Europe.

Weather in Europe: Winter wave hits southern Europe – “It’s snowing even in Mallorca”

According to the weather forecast for the start of the week on Monday (February 27), even countries less associated with snow will have to deal with white. These include France, Spain, Italy and Croatia and Bosnia. “It will even snow in Mallorca over the next few days,” forecaster John Schenck predicted. The Weather Channel Regarding the weather in Europe “Southern Europe is also affected by this winter wave. And in many areas it snows more than you would expect.

According to the weather forecast, heavy snowfall is expected in the Balkan region. In Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, more than 50 centimeters of fresh snow is forecast. The Weather Channel. A cold air front moving south from Germany and other countries in central Europe is creating “an air mass boundary between warm and cold,” explains the meteorologist at Weather in Europe. “There is heavy snow on this border.”

Southern Europe is likely to experience heavy snowfall in the coming days. © Veronica Lacasa/dpa

Air mass range divides Europe when it comes to weather – “warm and cold always bring lots of snow”

The air mass range extends from mainland Spain through southern France and northern Italy to the Balkans. As a result, warm and cold air masses meet again in Europe’s weather on Monday. “Warm and cold always bring a lot of snow,” Schenck says. Snow is also expected on the popular holiday island of Mallorca on Monday morning. It is indeed well known to German holidaymakers for summer, sun and beach.

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The meteorologist also expects about 15 centimeters of snow in Provence (France). Meanwhile, up to half a meter of whitewash blooms in central Italy, with Croatia and Bosnia even harder hit. “A meter of fresh snow will fall within 24 hours” in the border region of the two countries, the meteorologist announced in his weather forecast for Europe. And spoke in his weather forecast of “actual blizzard conditions in southern Europe”.

Earthquake-hit areas of Turkey and Syria expect milder weather, while Europe expects an arctic March

But the coolness in southern Europe brings benefits elsewhere. This pushes warm air, which has recently brought mild weather to Germany, eastward. As a result, people in the earthquake zone in Turkey and Syria can expect moderate temperatures. This weather forecast should provide at least some relief to many in emergency shelters.

Meanwhile, spring is far from over in Germany after the onset of arctic winter. March is more wintery than spring. (kh)

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