Just as Siri is all set to grab the throne in the soon to be launched Apple’s iPhone 8 as the one and only digital assistant, Siri did it again by saving a little girl’s life who was suffering from sickle cell anemia. The sick girl was able to call for help using Siri during the floods initiated due to the Hurricane Harvey.Although facing tremendous competition in the field of digital personal assistant from its contenders, i.e., Google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Siri has bagged the crown by helping the girl call a coast guard to their rescue.

Amidst the height of Hurricane Harvey invasion, 14-year-oldĀ Girl Tyler Frank was suffering from Sickle cell anemia and running a high fever which was causing her unbearable pain. On the 27th morning, Tyler, her mother, and her 3 brothers woke up to a catastrophic sight of flood water slowly occupying their home. To get to safety, 18-year-old Joseph carried Tyler on his back to the roof accompanied by the 16-year-old Brayland doing the same for 8-year-old Jaquaras.

Tyler was suffering a pain worse than childbirth as sickle cell anemia cuts off the supply of oxygen to various parts of the body due to the red blood cells clogging up inside the veins. Tyler and her family tried calling every possible help starting from 911 to social networking sites like FaceBook and Instagram, nothing seemed to work. Tyler ultimately resorted who Siri, who truly delivered on her job. After activating Siri, Tyler commanded her to call the coast guard and sure enough, it worked as a rescue helicopter approached the place. As the priority of the day were elderly people, Tyler, and her family were not taken to safety by the coast guards. Tyler again took Siri’s help to call the coast guards and soon enough the very next day they were picked up by the helicopter and escorted to safety.

To treat Tyler for her condition which was worsening every passing moment, she was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital. Now all that is left to worry is picking up the pieces of their home after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Taking over from content chief Eddy Cue, operating system’s chief Craig Federighi is all set to become the new head of Siri just as Apple is about to launch its latest iPhone 8.