Apple is constantly making headlines nowadays and the reasons vary from each other. Recently Apple announced the launch date of its new iPhone 8, that is on September 12. This news created great excitement across the tech world. And now it is revealed that Apple Inc has shifted the responsibility of its successful voice assistant, Siri, into the hands of operating systems chief Craig Federighi from the content chief Eddy Cue.

The transfer has indicated that Apple wants its voice assistant Siri to become more powerful and effective than before through its deeper entry into the core system. By doing this Apple will be able to provide tough competition to its competitors from Alphabet Inc’s Google and Inc. Apple has made this change through an update of its executive biography pages.

An Apple spokeswoman said that the news of the change is confirmed but denied to say more about the change. After Apple CEO Tim Cook fired the the Software chief Scott forestall from the company, Eddy Cue, a senior vice president took over the charge of overseeing Siri in 2012 and since then he has successfully done his job in making the voice assistant super hit.

Cue is mainly Apple’s chief content deal-maker and has negotiated many pivotal deals with record companies during the era of iTunes and also some recent important deals like Apple Music Streaming and Television contents. And along with that Cue also handles Apple’s internet based services like iCloud. But in recent years Apple has given more focus on making Siri more connected to the iOS and macOS operating system and hence allowing Siri to control calendar appointments and expand it from phones to laptops. Now, Siri makes third-party apps control things like summoning a rider or booking a table. These operating systems are looked after by Federighi, a senior vice president at Apple.

In 2011, Apple became the first top tech company to launch a voice assistant and after that Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’ voice assistant came to the market. And now these three voice assistants have improved a lot and giving serious competition to Siri. That is why Apple thinks that Siri needs to be more deeply embedded with the core system so as to make it more powerful and hence, it made the transfer.