The Apple iPhone X continues to present a mixed picture so far as production of the phone is concerned, what with a new report claiming supplies might not be as constrained as was being speculated some weeks back.

However, what seems evident is that the array of cameras and sophisticated sensors that powers the Face ID feature is proving the biggest manufacturing challenge given their extremely complex nature. With that being the state of affairs, Apple is estimated to be producing no more than tens of thousands of the iPhone X phones daily.

Analyst Jeff Pu associated with Yuanta Investment Consulting presents a slightly more optimistic view point claiming Apple to be able to produce about 2 million iPhone X handsets in September. Thereafter, there is going to be another 10 million manufactured in October, making the total yield to around 12 million to start with.

Pu further stated mass production of the iPhone X will commence by the second week of October. The same should be shipped to distributors globally by the next week itself, Pu claimed.

Apple had earlier announced pre-order for the anniversary iPhone will begin to be accepted on Oct 27 followed by shipments to start from Nov 3. So far, that continues to hold with Apple making no announcements if there is going to be a delay.

Pu also estimated there will be no less than 40 million iPhone X manufactured in 2017. A separate report has estimated demand for the iPhone X could be no less than 50 million units. In facts, there seem fewer takers for the iPhone 8 and 8+ even though the devices are already available. Buyers seem to be holding on to their purchases, hoping to buy the iPhone X instead.

A wise choice that sure is given the generation or more of a difference between the iPhone 8 range and the iPhone X. It will also be interesting to see how many of the iPhone X find buyers during the opening weekend. The current record is 13 million that the iPhone 6s notched up back in 2014. The iPhone X will likely outstrip that figure by a significant margin, that’s almost a surety.