While it is common knowledge Apple has had issues integrating Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 8, new reports on this claim the feature might have been dropped entirely on the upcoming phone. If that be the case then the iPhone 8 would be relying only on 3D facial recognition camera for user authentication.

The iPhone 8 would have several Apple and industry firsts. That includes an edge-to-edge display with almost zero bezels along all sides, save for a small portion at the top that will house the front cam and other sensors. It is also going to be an OLED display for the iPhone 8, which makes it the first Apple device to so have it.

However, the all front display led many to believe the handset will come with an under-screen fingerprint sensor, a feature that Apple popularised with the iPhone 5S launched in 2013. The feature has since been a regular on all iPhone variants launched since and was also believed to be default on the iPhone 8 as well.

Such plans however ran into several issues ranging from production delays to under performance of the display as well, enough for Apple to cancel the feature as a whole. There were even reports of Apple adopting the Sony approach on this, that of enabling the side mounted home button to also serve as the fingerprint scanner. It now seems those plans too have been shelved.

Under the circumstances, it is the 3D facial recognition feature that seems to be the only biometric feature present on the iPhone. Reports available so far indicate the feature has been thoroughly optimised to serve its purpose well enough, which includes authenticating a user in less than a second. The feature will take the entire face as input and is believed to be just as secure, if not more, than user’s fingerprint.

However, what remains to be seen is whether the delay caused in trying to integrate the Touch ID sensor beneath the front display will have any affect in the phone’s production plans. There already are rumors of the device being in short supply, something that is not expected to ease for the rest of the year as well. Maybe we will have more on this when the iPhone 8 is launched on Sept. 12. Pre-order is expected to begin on Sept. 15 itself.