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animalChampionship Ranbir Kapoor And directed by Sandeep Ready Vanga, had a huge impact at the box office. Despite its 3 hours and 21 minutes running time, an A certificate, and criticism of toxic male characters, the film was a huge success. The success of the film was so strong that within just 8 days, the film came out as Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest hit ever Sangowith every possibility of entering the Rs 400 crore club in the second week itself.

Tripti Dimri’s brutally honest animal interview, her crush on Ranbir Kapoor, intimate scenes

Animal movie review
In five days, the film became Ranbir’s second biggest hit by grossing nearly Rs 282.96 crore displacing Brahmastra: Part 1-Shiva which grossed Rs 257.44 crore in its lifetime. On the sixth day, the film entered the Rs 300-crore club by adding Rs 30.39 crore to its collection, taking the film’s total collection to Rs 313.35. According to Sakneelak, the film on Thursday added another Rs 25.50 crore as per early estimates. The film’s total collection now stands at Rs 338.35 crore. With Thursday’s collection, it is close to displacing Sanju as the biggest hit for Ranbir, whose lifetime collection stands at Rs 342 crore in India. Going by Friday’s advance booking, which is around Rs 5 crore at this point, the film will be the biggest hit of Ranbir’s 15-year-long career.
In a recent interview with ETimes, the actress Tripti Dimri Talking about her working experience with Ranbir Kapoor, she said: “He is beautiful, not just as an actor, but also as a human being. No matter what they say, you should never meet your idol. He is beautiful.” I’m glad I met my role model because I respect him more now. Because until now I knew him as an actor. I respected him for the honesty he showed in his personality. But when I worked with him, I was very nervous… and he could see that I was nervous. He can feel it. He did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. When we were shooting the confession scene in the movie, I was so nervous, I couldn’t remember my lines. I’m usually very good with my lines. But on that particular day, I couldn’t memorize my lines. No one made me feel embarrassed. No one made me feel like they were in a rush to finish the scene or that I was ruining my lines. Everyone was like, it’s okay, this is your scene. In fact, Ranbir was so kind that he said, you know, this is your scene. How do you want to do it? Do you want to be close to me first? Do you want to close you first? He was kind enough to ask me that. And I think that’s the thing that makes him a very special human being.

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