Amazon is believed to be trying new “ Brief Mode” for Alexa. The testing of new mode results in talking less in Alexa by replacing Alexa’s verbal mode with beeps. When Alexa is asked to change the state of the smart home device, the Brief Mode gets activated and Alexa performs the task and responds us with a confirmation chime.

The new Brief Mode of Alexa is not confirmed to be rolling out to devices. There is a rumor that the Brief Mode might have come to the public accidentally as no official confirmation about the mode has been out till now. Peoples on Reddit have said that the Brief Mode has received on some of the Echo devices while some other peoples say that the feature disappeared after some hours.

The people who have got the opportunity to enjoy this feature for a short period of time said that this is a very good feature.  They say that when Alexa informed about the Brief Mode when they asked the voice assistant to control the lights.  If the feature will launch in near future by Amazon, then it will be a good feature for all of its users. The brief mode is said to be the default behavior of Alexa as it gets turned on automatically.

The option for the Brief Mode to turn on or off has not appeared in Alexa app. This explains to us why the feature disappeared from devices that have received in the past. To use this feature it seems like a new update will come for the Alexa app which let all users use them. An Amazon spokesperson said that “ the new setting for Alexa will be available very soon” but not specified the time when it will be out.